Vienna Rathaus 16th European Youth Bridge Team Championships

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The 16th European Youth Bridge Team Championships is concluded with the Prize-giving Ceremony at Vienna's Rathaus, Austria.

The Championships consisted of two series: the Junior series and the Schools series. Both were played as round robins (all against all) of 20-board matches, without semifinals and a final.

The teams in the Junior series were playing for the David Pigot Cup, while the Schools had the José Damiani Trophy at stake.

The Junior series was contested by 22 nations, and 14 countries took part in the Schools series.

The winners of the Junior series were:

2 1 3



Silver Medallists Gold Medallists Bronze Medallists


Claus Boysen, Kasper Konow, Mikkel Noehr, Mik Kristensen, Freddi Broendum, Morten Lund Madsen, Coach Rico Hemberg
npc Kirsten Steen Moeller


Daniele Pagani, Paolo Marino, Bernardo Biondo, Riccardo Intonti, Mario d'Avossa, Matteo Mallardi
Npc Gianpaolo Rinaldi.


Amir Levin, Eran Shaham, Yaniv Zack, Asaf Amit, Asa Levinger, Inon Liran
Npc Michael Barel

The winners of the Schools series were:

2 1 3
The Netherlands



Silver Medallists Gold Medallists Bronze Medallists


Tom Drijver, Bas Drijver, Niek Brink, Sjoert Brink, Kevin Vreeswijk Massenzio Hoogsteden
Npc Frans Borm


Stelio di Bello, Stefano Uccello, Furio di Bello, Guariglia Ruggiero, Fabio Lo Presti, Leonardo Magrini
Npc: Enrico Guerra


Anna Szczepanska, Jacek Baranowski, Krzysztof Buras, Szymon Kapala, Piotr Lutostanski, Adam Skalski
Npc Wlodzimierz Krysztofczyk

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Days and Rounds
Daily Bulletins Junior Series Schools Series
Internet Edition PDF M A E M A E
Thursday 16 July PDF file 163 K J1

Friday 17 July PDF file 193 K J2 J3

Saturday 18 July PDF file 211 K J4 J5

Sunday 19 July PDF file 206 K
J6 J7
Monday 20 July PDF file 206 K

Tuesday 21 July PDF file 236 K J9 J10 J11 S1 S2 S3
Wednesday 22 July PDF file 205 K J12 J13 J14 S4 S5 S6
Thursday 23 July PDF file 167 K

Friday 24 July PDF file 276 K J15 J16 J17 S7 S8 S9
Saturday 25 July PDF file 215 K J18 J19 J20 S10 S11 S12
Sunday 26 July PDF file 251 K J21


M: morning match finishing approximately at 1:20 PM (CET)
A: afternoon match finishing approximately at 5:50 PM (CET)
E: evening match finishing approximately at 11:20 PM (CET)

Central European Time (CET) is 6 hours ahead of New York Time & 7 hours behind Tokyo Time

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