5th European Mixed Championships

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The 5th European Mixed Championships, was concluded in Aachen, Germany on the evening of the 3rd of April with the Prize Giving Ceremony.

The Pairs Competition attracted 398 pairs and after a 3 day tournament the winners were:

2 1 3



Silver Medallists Gold Medallists Bronze Medallists

Catherine d'Ovidio Saul - Paul Chemla

Pia Andersson - Arne Larsson

Colette Lise - José Damiani

Pia Andersson and Arne Larsson are the new Mixed Pairs Champions of Europe! The Swedish pair delivered a title winning session score of 63.01%. They finished well clear of two pairs from 'La belle France'.

Catherine d'Ovidio-Saul and Paul Chemla are no strangers when it comes to award ceremonies, and a smiling Catherine was delighted to collect her first medal since her marriage!

Colette Lise and José Damiani took third place. It was not the first time Anna Maria Torlontano had called the President of the World Bridge Federation to the podium. However this time he was being awarded a medal, not presenting one!

The Consolation was won by Italy's Rosa Corchia and Guiseppe Matricardi who just edged out a couple of Weltmeisters, Germany's Andrea Rauscheid and Roland Rohowsky. France's Nathalie Courty and Hervé Schiatti were third.

There was more glory for France when Marie-France Renoux and Philipe Rey took the prize for the leading Senior's pair. Marie-France is one half of the reigning European Senior Pairs Champions, having won the title last year with Nadine Cohen.

The Teams Competition attracted 98 teams and after 4 days the champions were:

2 1 3
The Netherlands



Silver Medallists Gold Medallists Bronze Medallists

Martin Wanner, Ine Gielkens, Han Begas and Ellen Bakker

Veronique & Michel Bessis, Catherine d'Ovidio Saul, Paul Chemla

Davor Ruso, Seka Ivancic, Zoran Vukelic, Izvorka Petrovic and Bato Protega

They will be dancing in the streets of Paris tonight when the news of yet another famous French victory arrives. Congratulations to Paul Chemla, Catherine d'Ovidio Saul, Michel & Veronique Bessis. The holders found their best form when it mattered and their victory was already secure at half time when they led by a remarkable 85-0! No doubt they will try for a hat trick in 2000!

Our commiseration's to their opponents, the Netherlands Martin Wanner, Ine Gielkens, Han Begas and Ellen Bakker. However, as the official representatives of their Country they can be proud of their performance in reaching the final.

The first half of the final was on VuGraph, and Catherine and Ellen were in opposition. They were both celebrating their birthdays, but the presents were all going one way!

What a moment for Davor Ruso, Seka Ivancic, Zoran Vukelic, Izvorka Petrovic and Bato Protega. The won the bronze medals, the first for Croatia in International competition. What a tremendous performance for a Country with only 400 players.

Their opponents were still able to smile at the end, evidence once again of the tremendous spirit in which these championships have been played. Hard lines for France's Jean-Louis Stoppa, Marianne Serf, Marie Renoux and François Stretz.

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