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The 6th European Mixed Championships was concluded in Bellaria (Rimini), Italy.

The Championships consisted of a pairs tournament and a teams tournament. The Pairs Championship comprised 3 qualifying sessions, followed by a 2-session final and a consolation tournament. The Teams were played as a Swiss tournament with a knockout ending for the top teams: after twelve 10-board rounds, the top four teams advanced to the semifinals (and then to the final and the 3rd-place playoff - all played over 32 boards), while the rest played 4 more Swiss rounds.

The European Mixed Championships have been attracting an ever increasing number of Europe' s top bridge players. In Monaco, in 1996, 370 pairs and 83 teams took part, representing 25 countries. Two years later, Aachen, Germany welcomed 397 pairs and 97 teams from 30 countries! This time was a record success as 456 pairs and 101 teams took part.


Internet Edition PDF
1st Bulletin PDF file 212 K
Saturday 18 March PDF file 411 K 1st Qualifying Session
2nd Qualifying Session
Sunday 19 March PDF file 441 K 3rd Qualifying Session
1st Final / Consolation Session
Monday 20 March PDF file 486 K 2nd Final/Consolation Session
Tuesday 21 March PDF file 325 K R1, R2, R3, R4, Rosters
Wednesday 22 March PDF file 299 K R5, R6, R7, R8, R9
Thursday 23 March PDF file 321 K R10, R11, R12, SF, R13, R14
Friday 24 March PDF file 277 K R15, R16, Fin, PO


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