• Event Format

 The purpose of this event is to help the teams prepare for the possibility of Online Championships, and also practice on RealBridge:

The event will be for teams. The difference in the total point score on each board will be converted to International Match Points (“IMPs”) per the WBF scale. Scoring will be done with IMPs converted to VPs as per WBF ‘continuous’ VP scale for 8- board matches.

 •Operational Details and Responsibilities

Internet connectivity

Each player is responsible for their own internet access. In the event of failure, they should either have a backup service provider or a backup player or pair (from their own team where possible).

Team captains should ensure that this is done for each match and they must be able to contact their players at short notice. The entry form requested a second mobile number from each team and it is to ensure contact can be made with the team at all times.

Preparation for RealBridge

Captains of the teams are responsible that all their players are familiar with playing on RealBridge. A time will be allocated for RealBridge preparation. Vigfús Pálsson is also available to assist new players on short notice.

When an entry is received, the team captain will be advised as to when this can take place and a link will be sent to all captains for distribution to team players for practicing.

It is important that all players are well prepared for this event and that April 24th is NOT their first time to experience Real Bridge.

Preparation sessions with the play of a few boards will take place on the following times.

Monday April 19th Tuesday April 20th Wednesday April 21 Thursday April 22nd Friday April 23rd
11.00 CEST 14.00 CEST 17.00 CEST 11.00 CEST 17.00 CEST


 • Schedule

The event will take place on April 24- 25 2021, and will be a full single round-robin. Each team will play 144 boards over 2 days, with 7 minutes per board. Each round will last 56 minutes, with 9 extra minutes for team discussions and substitutions. The NPCs may join their team during discussion time.

The schedule of matches is: Saturday - Sunday..

 • Conditions of Contest

Format The format of the tournament depends on the number of teams. It will probably be a Round Robin
Schedule To be decided when all teams are entered.
Convention cards Please email to Anna Gudge (Anna@ecats.co.uk.). The convention cards must be received by April 10th, 2021.
Table Behaviour • Players may look at their own convention card during play.
• Players must switch off or mute their mobile phones during play.
• Players should have their video and audio enabled during play. Players must ensure, however, that neither background noise nor background activity disturbs opponents.
• Players may leave the table for short periods to attend to domestic matters, but must inform at least one opponent of the likely duration of their absence. If the time taken is excessive then the opposition should advise the TD.
Undos Undos are allowed if: a) Both opponents agree on it, AND b) It is obvious misclick.
• If players do not agree, then the TD rules.
Laws of Bridge This tournament is played under the Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017
Number of players in a team Teams can have up to 8 players, plus a non-playing captain (NPC), but more players may be considered.
Line-up It will be announced when format is decided and after all entries are known.
Discussion time after each match 9 minutes will be given for team discussions and substiturions. Captains are allowed to sit at their country’s table when a match is over.
Tie break Ties are resolved as described in the EBL GENERAL CONDITION OF CONTEST for all tournaments under the auspices of EBL. (paragraph 32).
Commitment Form Must be completed if players have not submitted one in the past.

Supplementary Conditions of Contest

Players must log-in in to Real Bridge 15 minutes before the event begins. Players who have not played RealBridge before this event must take part in a Preparation session.

 • Entry Fees

The Entry Fees are €50 and shall be paid by bank transfer to:

Credit Suisse AG
Rue de Lion d'Or 5-7
CH-1002 Lausanne-Switzerland
IBAN: CH88 0483 5135 2558 8200 0

European Bridge League
Maison du Sport International, 54 av. de Rhodanie, 1007 Lausanne – Switzerland

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