27th European Youth Team Championships

Oslo, Norway • 4 - 11 July 2019


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 • Format

The Championships comprise the following competitions:

  • 27th European U26 Open Team Championship
  • 14th European U21 Open Team Championship
  • 9th European U26 Women Team Championship
  • 3rd European U16 Open Team Championship

All events are open to the member countries of the EBL. Each country may be represented by one national team in each series, consisting of 4-6 players, a non-playing captain and, possibly, other officials.

Each series consists of a complete Round Robin with teams playing against all other teams in the same series. The number of boards played will depend on the number of participants. 

In the U26 and U21 series the matches will be played over 7 days.  In the U26W and U16 series the matches will be played over 4 days.  The  exact  formats  and  schedules  for  the  four  series  will  be  announced  when  the  number  of  registered teams is known.

 • Programme

This is the provisional programme. The final programme will be announced as soon as we have a good estimation about the number of participating teams.

  • Registration, Captains Meeting U26/U21, Opening Ceremony - Thursday 4th July
  • U26 Open/U21 Round Robin - Friday 5th July – Thursday 11th July
  • Registration & Captains Meeting U26W/U16- Sunday 7th July
  • U26W/U16 Round Robin - Monday 8th July – Thursday 11th July
  • Prize Giving Ceremony - Thursday 11th July

 • Systems

Systems in all the Championships have to be registered with the EBL by June 17th 2019 by  email. (See Section 11 and especially Section 11.5 of the GCoC).  

The original files should be sent to the Systems Administrator: anna@ecats.co.uk. If the files  are converted to PDF they should NOT be scanned versions but should be created from the original files.

 • Entries - Registration

Right of Entry

Each member NBO, being up-to-date with the payment of its dues (including the 2019 dues) to the EBL is authorized to enter one team in each one of the four Series.

Countries must have paid the entry fee and be up-to-date with the payment of the dues to the EBL before they can participate in the Championships.

Each participating NBO must play against all the other NBOs. Entry and subsequent refusal to play will result in disqualification.

Every proposed player must, along with other criteria, satisfy the Credentials Committee that to participate in the U26 Open & U26 Women Series a player must have been born on or after 1st January 1994, to participate in the U21 Series a player must have been born on or after 1st January 1999, and to participate in the U16 Series a player must have been born on or after 1st January 2004. Please note that each proposed player must also fill the Players Commitment Form and submit it to the EBL Secretariat, unless he/she has done it already in a recent championships.


All entries must be made electronically via this website (not by email), before 22 May 2019 (team registration) and 5 June 2019 (team roster).

 • Entry Fees

The entry fees are shown in the following table. A discount for participation in a Series will be given to the countries which did not participate in that Series in the last two EBL Youth Team Championships held in Tromsø 2015, and Samorin 2017. No entry fee is to be paid for the U16 Series.

Event Entry Fees Reduced Entry Fees
U26 Open Teams €1,000 €500
U21 Teams €800 €400
U26 Women Teams €600 €300
U16 Teams €0 €0

All entry fees must be paid by bank transfer (see below) before 5 June 2019 to the following account.

Credit Suisse AG
Rue de Lion d'Or 5-7
CH-1002 Lausanne-Switzerland
IBAN: CH88 0483 5135 2558 8200 0

(make sure to mention the Country and the Series)

 • Rules and Regulations

Conditions of Contest

The Supplementary Conditions of Contest are available here. The General Conditions of Contest are available here.

Dress Code

The EBL has a policy which seeks to encourage NBOs to provide teams participating in the European Championships to be dressed in appropriate uniforms which incorporate a badge or emblem identifying the country those players are representing. All players, captains and coaches of the participating teams are required to wear T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts or blouses that are of the same colour and contain the NBO's logo.

 • Contact

For further information, please contact Catherine Vitry at the EBL Secretariat:

European Bridge League Secretariat

Tel : +33 6 45 57 93 60
Email : secretariat@europeanbridge.org

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