27th European Youth Team Championships

Oslo, Norway • 4 - 11 July 2019


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 • Hotel accommodation

The Norwegian Bridge Federation has arranged Full Board accommodation with the Oslofjord Convention Centre at the following special rates (per person/day):

Single room = 

1400 NOK

Double room =

900 NOK

Triple room =

800 NOK

Quadruple room =

700 NOK

5 pers room =

670 NOK

6 pers room =

640 NOK

7 pers room =

600 NOK

These prices are guaranteed for any reservations confirmed by 15th May 2019.

To book your rooms, please contact the:

Norwegian Bridge Federation
Allan Livgård
at bridge@bridge.no

 • Transportation

There are two possible airports:
- Oslo Gardermoen Airport (the main one)
When coming to Oslo Gardermoen the easiest way to get to Oslofjord is to take the train. In Norway (almost) all trains are operated by NSB:

From Gardermoen route R11 leaves every hour and goes directly to Stokke train station – it takes 1h53min.
The normal price is NOK 404 for adults, but the tickets are sold from NOK 249 if you book in advance.
There is a 25 % discount for students (on the ordinary price, sometimes you get cheaper adult tickets in advance) and 50 % discount for children under 18. Remember to bring a student card if you book that ticket.
Children under 5 travel for free accompanied by an adult.

- Sandefjord Lufthavn Torp
A local airport (with a lot of connections to Amsterdam, Poland etc) about 20 min away.
From the airport there is a shuttle bus to Torp train station and then a 4-min train ride (same trains as above) to Stokke train station.
The trips costs NOK 42 for adults.

From Stokke train station:
Stokke trains station is a 7 min drive from Oslofjord. NBF will arrange pick-up at the train station for all guests (free of charge).

A flight info form will be soon available on this microsite for completion

Any questions about travel to and from Norway can be directed to bridge@bridge.no

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