• Format

The Championships programme includes a variety of main competitions, as follows (for event format details click on event name):


Mixed Teams
Mixed Pairs
Open, Women’s and Senior Teams
Open, Women’s and Senior Pairs
• Side Games

The format and the numbers mentioned in event details may be changed depending on entries

HUM Systems & Brown Stickers are not permitted in any event in Menton

Wild Cards for Pairs Events

Bridge players (registered members of any NBO that is a member of the World Bridge Federation) from all WBF zones, in good standing with their Federation, are entitled to participate. All events will be transnational and there will be no restrictions on numbers of entries per NBO.

 • Schedule of Play

June 2003 Event
Saturday 14 Opening Ceremony
Mixed Teams (qualifying sessions)
Sunday 15 Mixed Teams (qualifying sessions)
Monday 16 Mixed Teams (16- & 8- final/ Consolation Swiss)
Tuesday 17 Mixed Teams (4- & semifinal) - Mixed Pairs (qualifier 1-2)
Wednesday 18 Mixed Teams (final) - Mixed Pairs (semifinal 1-2)
Thursday 19 Mixed Pairs (final)
Friday 20 Open, Women & Senior Teams (qualifying sessions)
Saturday 21 Open, Women & Senior Teams (qualifying sessions)
Sunday 22 Open, Women & Senior Teams (qualifying sessions)
Monday 23 Open, Women & Senior Teams (16- & 8- final / Consolation)
Tuesday 24 Open, Women & Senior - Teams (4- & semifinal) - Pairs (qualifier 1-2)
Wednesday 25 Open, Women & Senior - Teams (final) - Pairs (qualifier3 & semifinal 1)
Thursday 26 Open, Women & Senior Pairs (semifinal 2-3)
Friday 27 Open, Women & Senior Pairs (final 1-2 & Consolation)
Saturday 28 Open, Women & Senior Pairs (final 3)

Play will start at 10 to 10.30 am and finish at 8 to 8.30 pm each day, except for Saturday 14 June, when play will start in the afternoon after the Opening Ceremony.

There will be a Prize Giving Ceremony with cocktail after the end of each competition.

 • Registration

Online Registration terminated

 • Rules & Regulations

1st European Open Bridge Championships* (in pdf format)

 • Systems

EBL Systems Policy

 • Contact

Tournament registration should be made before
30 April 2003 at the League's headquarters.

Further information is available through:


European Bridge League
Via Ciro Menotti 11/C
I-20129 Milan

 39-02-7000 0022 / 0333
  39-02-7000 1398

 • Entry Fees

To be paid in cash (Swiss francs, euros or US dollars) at the Tournament Reception and Registration Desk in Palais de l’Europe in Menton:

Entry Fees
(per pair or team, in Swiss francs for all sessions)
Mixed Teams
SF 1,200
Mixed Pairs
SF 400
Open Teams
SF 1,400
Women’s Teams
SF 1,400
Senior Teams
SF 1,200
Open Pairs
SF 700
Women’s Pairs
SF 700
Senior Pairs
SF 500

 • Awards

Gold, silver and bronze EBL Medals will be awarded. Winners will receive the title of European Champion. Honour prizes will be presented to the best ranking pairs and teams in each category. WBF, EBL and ACBL Master Points will also be awarded.

* Download Acrobat Reader 3.01 PDF: a format which allows you to see the publication on your monitor almost as it is printed. The file can be printed on any printer but it requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0 or later to be installed in your computer. Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge by clicking on the icon.

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