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This event is to be played online, using the RealBridge platform (RB), under the auspices of the European Bridge League ("the EBL") 7th to 9th of June 2024. The event is a transnational event in the Women’s Category. The event will be governed by the Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 as amended on 1st January 2024 (“the Laws”), the EBL General Conditions of Contest (“the GCoC”) and relevant Ancillary Documents as published on the EBL website, the Supplementary Conditions of Contest (“the SCoC”) and the separate regulations that will be communicated in letters to the teams. Unless otherwise stated or illogical in context, the definitions used in the GCoC apply also to these SCoC.  

 • Programme

The event is anticipated* to have two stages: a two-day qualification stage, with Swiss format, and then a single-day Final stage where the teams will be split in groups of 8 teams, based on the ranking, and play a round-robin.

The General time framework is 10:00 CET to 18:00 CET.

* The exact details of the format will be communicated to the teams prior to the start of the event, as they obviously depend on the exact participation. 

 • Tournament Directors

EBL registered TDs will operate both at the “tables” within the RealBridge platform and in a separate virtual area for consultation and eventual polling of other experts.

 • Spectators/Kibitzers

No persons other than the active Players and TDs will be allowed in the playing area.

Delayed online kibitzing of all tables will be available.

 • Conditions of Contest

For all other rules and regulations please see:

Attention is drawn to the Competitor's Commitment Form that must be signed by each participant (and substitutes, in case of need). Details and a copy of the form can be found in the links above. The forms should be sent to secretariat@europeanbridge.org.

 • Entries - Registration

Entries should be submitted electronically via the EBL Website (not by e-mail) at the latest by the 1st of June, 2024. Each captain must ensure that their e-mail address is provided and they should check it regularly for information or queries from the organizers.

Each team must consist of a captain and female players belonging to one or multiple NBOs. Each member must be in good standing with her NBO and will also be subject to the approval of the EBL Credentials Committee and be registered in the EBL database. The team must have paid the entry fee.  

Each team is entitled to have 4-6 playing members, plus up to two members who can act as substitutes in case of need. For registration purposes, these extra members are registered as captain and coach of the team, and will not be awarded EMPs. A team may change or add members up to 3 days before the commencement of play. All such changes are subject to the approval of the Credentials Committee. Except with the permission of the Head TD or EBL Women’s Bridge Committee, any such substitute or added player must use one of the systems already filed in accordance with Section 3.2 of the SCoC.

 • Entry Fees

Event Entry Fees:

The Entry Fees are € 120 per team. The discounted price teams registering and paying by 31st March 2024 will be €100 per team. Payment of Entry Fees should be made at the latest by the 1st of June 2024.

Entry Fees shall be paid by bank transfer to:

Credit Suisse AG
Rue de Lion d'Or 5-7
CH-1002 Lausanne-Switzerland
IBAN: CH88 0483 5135 2558 8200 0

Important Note:

The payment instructions must include, as reference, the Registration Code.

Cancellation Policy

Any team cancelling prior to 15th of May 2024 will get a refund of 90% of the paid sum. 

Any team cancelling after 15th May 2024 will get a refund of 50 % of the paid sum. 

There will be no refund for withdrawal or "no show", without prior notification.  

 • Systems

The EBL Systems Policy 2023 applies to this Event. The event is classified as a Category 3 event (no HUMs or Brown Sticker methods). Both members of a partnership must adopt the same methods in the auction and in their carding. The systems must be described on System (Convention) Cards and Supplementary Sheets in accordance with Section 11 of the GCoC and the Regulations for the Registration and Use of Systems, and submitted as described below. 

Systems have to be registered with the EBL no later than 1st of June 2024. Captains should ensure that their e-mail address is provided and they should check it regularly so they are available for any queries that may arise concerning a system registered by their team. 

Note that VP penalties and other restrictions will be applied in accordance with the GCoC for late submission. Minor changes to systems (which may be clarifications, amendments, minor additions and/or cosmetic revisions) will be accepted up to 5th of June 2024. Revisions will be published on the website with the other systems, marked as REV1 or REV2 etc., thus giving captains the opportunity to compare them with the original submission. 

All the systems and the revisions should be sent to anna@ecats.co.uk.

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