• Format

 The Championships comprise the following events:

    • Les Etincelles Cup. A great Teams Tournament of one week, with three days of qualification (swiss movement) and four days of Knock-outs… And of course, an impressive prize-list!
    • GCK  Trophy. For those who didn’t qualify for the Knock-out phase of the Etincelles Cup, two days of qualification, one days of semifinals,  and one day of finals in BAM format … and of course, a great prize-list!

Apart from the prizes, EBL Masterpoints will be awarded for both events.

 • Prize List


  • EBL Gold, Silver and Bronze  Medals will be awarded.
  • Trophy The winning team of this event will receive the Etincelles Trophy.
  • EBL Masterpoints

Cash Prizes

  • Winner: 24.000 Euros
  • Second: 12.000 Euros
  • Third: 9.000 Euros
  • Fourth: 6.000 Euros
  • 5th to 8th: 2.400 Euros each
  • 9th to 16th: 1.200 Euros each


  • GCK Trophy.
  • EBL Masterpoints

Cash Prizes
Final A

  • Winner: 6.000 Euros
  • Second: 4.000 Euros
  • Third: 2.000 Euros

Final B

  • Winner: 2.000 Euros
  • Second: 1.000 Euros

The prize purse may be increased if the participation is bigger than expected.

 • Programme

Date Event
Friday April 21 Les Etincelles Cup (Swiss Qualification Rounds 1-4)
Saturday April 22 Les Etincelles Cup (Swiss Qualification Rounds 5-8)
Sunday April 23 Les Etincelles Cup (Swiss Qualification Rounds 9-12)
Monday April 24 Les Etincelles Cup (Round of 16)
GCK Trophy (Qualification)
Tuesday April 25 Les Etincelles Cup (Quarterfinal)
GCK Trophy (Qualification)
Wednesday April 26 Les Etincelles Cup (Semifinal)
GCK Trophy (Semifinals A & B)
Thursday April 27 Les Etincelles Cup (Final)
GCK Trophy (Final A & B)

 • Conditions of Contest

 • Entries - Registration

Entries to the events should be submitted electronically only via the EBL Website (not by email) latest two days prior to the starting date of the respective event. Later entries will be accepted only if technically convenient.

Bridge players from all WBF zones are entitled to participate in the Championships provided they are members in good standing of a National Bridge Organization (NBO).

To be eligible for participation in the European Winter Games a player must comply with the EBL Rules & Regulations and the EBL Eligibility Code under the control of the EBL Credentials Committee.

Entries received will be automatically forwarded to the NBO of each proposed player, and are subject to their NBO’s approval. Cancelations for reasons of force majeur shall be made at the earliest opportunity and the entry fee will be refunded. “No Shows” without valid reasons are subject to sanctions at the discretion of the EBL. Withdrawals of accepted entries are subject to the same deadline.

 • Entry Fees

Entry fees are to be paid by bank transfer only, to:

Credit Suisse AG
Rue de Lion d'Or 5-7
CH-1002 Lausanne-Switzerland
IBAN: CH07 0483 5135 2558 8200 3

Event Entry fees

Les Etincelles Cup + GCK Trophy € 1.200

European Bridge League
Maison du Sport International, 54 av. de Rhodanie, 1007 Lausanne – Switzerland

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