26th European Youth Team Championships

Samorin, Slovakia • 8 - 15 July 2017


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Sunday, 9 July


Before the start

Please start, good luck
Finland   Sweden
Portugal   Scotland
Turkey   Norway
Israel   Croatia
Hungary   Czech Republic
Serbia   Germany
Italy   England
Ireland   Austria
Belgium   Denmark
France   Netherlands
Poland   Romania
Estonia   Latvia
Russia   Spain
Greece   Bulgaria

Monday, 10 July


The next generation

Tuesday, 11 July


Winning defence by SIMON HULT

Magic (bbo) box

Wednesday, 12 July


A great journey

Thursday, 13 July


Look here, please!


While in the other room... under 21


How to defeat 3NT by SJODAL INDREBO


French Squeeze by Baptiste COMBESCURE

Friday, 14 July


Bulgarian Grand Slam by Nikolay Yaninski


Tenacious 7 Spades by Matko Ferenca


The magnificent ten... women under twenty six


Saturday, 15 July


Thank you


Northern Stars


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