25th European Youth Team Championships

Tromso, Norway • 18 - 25 July 2015


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Countries Series
Juniors Youngsters Girls Kids
Albania Albania
Austria Austria
Belarus Belarus
Belgium Belgium
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Croatia Croatia
Cyprus Cyprus
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
England England
Estonia Estonia
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Finland Finland
France France
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Hungary Hungary
Iceland Iceland
Ireland Ireland
Israel Israel
Italy Italy
Latvia Latvia
Lebanon Lebanon
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Malta Malta
Monaco Monaco
Montenegro Montenegro
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Romania Romania
Russia Russia
San Marino San Marino
Scotland Scotland
Serbia Serbia
Slovakia Slovakia
Slovenia Slovenia
Spain Spain
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland
Turkey Turkey
Ukraine Ukraine
Wales Wales
Total teams registered 18 16 6 12

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