8th European Small Federation Games

Protaras, Cyprus • 26 - 29 October 2015


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 • Format

The Small Federations games are open to the European NBO’s who have up to 500 registered members. Every “Small Federation” can send one team of 4 to 6 players. Teams are playing a full round-robin of 12 boards per round.

The festival open pairs is open to all players and it is played over 3 sessions of 24-30 boards per session. Scoring is by match points. The festival open teams is open to all players and it is played over 2 sessions in a swiss format of 6 rounds, 8 boards per round.

 • Programme

26.10.2015  Excursion
26.10.201519:00Opening ceremony
27.10.201510:00SFG, Round robin
28.10.201510:00SFG, Round robin
29.10.201510:00SFG, Round robin
29.10.201520:00Prize giving ceremony
30.10.201516:00Festival Open Pairs, session 1
31.10.201516:00Festival Open Pairs, session 2
01.10.201516:00Festival Open Pairs, session 3
02.11.201516:00Festival Open Teams, session 1
03.11.201516:00Festival Open Teams, session 2
03.11.201520:00Prize giving ceremony

 • Entry Fees

There is no entry fee for the Small Federations games.

 • Prizes

First 3 places in the Small Federations Games receive EBL master points and cups.

In the pairs and teams tournaments there will be CASH prizes and cups.

 • Contact

For further information, please contact Catherine Vitry at the EBL Secretariat:

Cyprus Bridge Federation

Philippos Frangos
Chairman of the ESFG organising committee
Mobile: +357 99 461958

Rena Livera
Secretary of Cyprus Bridge Federation
Mobile: +357 99 497798

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