Bad Honnef, Germany • 17-20 November 2011


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 • Format

The teams will be divided into two groups of six and in each group a complete round-Robin qualifier of 20 boards will be played.

At the end of the round-Robin qualifier the first two ranked teams will play a knockout match of 48 boards (four 12-board segments: 1st of group A v. 2nd of group B – 1st of group B v. 2nd of group A) in semifinal A; the third and fourth in semifinal B (3rd of group A v. 4th of group B – 3rd of group B v. 4th of group A); and the fifth and sixth in semifinal C (5th of group A v. 6th of group B – 5th of group B v. 6th of group A).

The winners of semifinal A will play a 48-board final (four 12-board segments) to determine the title; the losers will play a 36-board playoff (three 12-board segments) for third place; the winners of semifinal B and C will play 36-board matches (three 12-board segments), respectively, for fifth and ninth places; the losers of these semifinals will not be involved in further play.

 • Programme & Schedule of play

Date Time Event Boards
Thursday 17 November 16.30 Captains' Meeting  
16.45 Opening Ceremony
17.00 Round Robin qualifier qualifier, match 1 20
20.00 Dinner  
21.15 Round Robin qualifier, match 2 20
Friday 18 November 10.30 Round Robin qualifier, match 3 20
13.20 Lunch  
14.15 Round Robin qualifier, match 4 20
17.25 Round Robin qualifier, match 5 20
Saturday 19 November 11.00 Semifinal, segment 1 12
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Semifinal, segment 2 12
16.00 Semifinal, segment 3 12
18.00 Semifinal, segment 4 12
Sunday 20 November 11.00 Final / Playoff, segment 1 12
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Final / Playoff, segment 2 12
16.00 Final / Playoff, segment 3 12
18.00 Final, segment 4 12
21.00 Prize Giving & Victory Banquet  

 • Prizes

Rank Prize Money Medals
Winners €5,000 Gold Medal & Champions' Cup
Runners up €3,000 Silver Medal
3rd place €2,000 Bronze Medal
4th place €1,000  
5th place €600  

The winners will be named European Champion Club champions, and will be invited to defent their title in the nex edition of the competition, to be held in 2012.

 • Information & Contact

For any further information, please contact Catherine Vitry at the EBL Secretariat, catherine@europeanbridge.org.