18th European Youth Team Championships Page 4 Bulletin 6 - Saturday, 13 July  2002

Man or Mouse?

Board 17. Dealer North. None Vul.
  ª Q 7 3
© K 4
¨ Q J 10 8 6 5
§ 9 2
ª 6
© Q J 9 7 5 3
¨ K 9 7 4
§ 8 7
Bridge deal ª A K 8
© 10 8 6 2
¨ 3 2
§ A J 10 3
  ª J 10 9 5 4 3
© A
¨ A
§ K Q 6 5 4

In the match between Sweden and Belgium in the Round 8 of the Junior series, the Swedish player, Johan Upmark got into a fumy situation after his psychic bid.

West North East South
Upmark   Cullin  
  Pass 1© 1ª
2NT 4ª Dble Pass
5© Pass Pass 5ª
Dble Pass Pass Rdbl
6© Pass Pass Dble
All Pass      

The 2NT bid was game-forcing with hearts and the double only showed a minimum hand as pass had been forcing with extra values. Johna did, of course, bid 5©, and now South continued by bidding 5ª. When Johan doubled that contract South redoubled. It was man or mouse time. Johan chickened out and bid 6©, which was doubled for an easy 300 to Belgium.

Sweden lost 9 IMPs, when 4ª doubled was beaten by one trick at the other table. Assuming that 5ª redoubled would have gone two down for -600, the Swedes would have gained 11 IMPs, or 14 IMPs for three down and -1000, had Johan chosen to be a man rather than a mouse.

Thursday Evening Antics at the Vugraph

By Matt Kime with Stefan Back

Firstly, let me say that it is wonderful to see so many young people of Europe here together in Torquay. I hope you get to make lasting friendships with each other for many years to come.

The Thursday evening vugraph show saw the Estonians, our gracious Song For Europe hosts in May (I phoned in and voted for the winning song -'I Want to be the Sunshine in Your Arms') take on the French, who made what I can only call a shocking exit from the recent World Cup - which to me was a pity because I like to see Monsieur Zidane kick a ball around.

With four boards to play, cometh Board 17. At the end of the first week our dedicated commentary team (Nick Doe, Barry Rigal, Chris Dixon, Paul Still, Sandra Claridge, Chris Duckworth) were becoming a little exasperated with me for my constant interruption during their commentary, words were said, nostrils flared, shirts came apart at the seams. Only Paul seemed blissfully calm, but enough of such nonsense - thank you to all the adults involved for their patience and thoughtfulness.

Board 17. Dealer North. None Vul.
  ª A 10 8 5 4 3
© 2
¨ 9 2
§ 9 6 5 3
ª K 9 7 2
© 3
¨ J 8 6
§ A J 10 8 7
Bridge deal ª -
© A K J 8 6 5 4
¨ A Q 10 7 3
§ K
  ª Q J 6
© Q 10 9 7
¨ K 5 4
§ Q 4 2

N/S Naber/Tihane (Estonia)
E/W Bessis/Gaviard (France)

After a Multi 2¨ opening by North, the French pair landed in what I considered to be a fairly unambitious contract of 4©. On the lead of the ªQ. This made comfortably for the loss of two hearts and the ¨K.

I would be interested to hear if anyone reached 6¨ and whether or not you were thinking of our infamous Liverpool group or Hoffman's Rainman epic with Cruise rather than addressing the card before your eyes!

Speaking to our rising superstar, Mr. David Gold, in the bar later, he mentioned something about the ©7 being led at his table, but still not making the small slam. Presumably he didn't ruff a heart with the ¨J at trick two then play ace followed by queen of diamonds. But, of course, this game is easy when you can see all four hands.
Enjoy the rest of the Championships all of you!

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