18th European Youth Team Championships Page 6 Bulletin 6 - Saturday, 13 July  2002

Juniors Round 11

Round 11 of the Junior event saw a new record set for the fewest IMPs to be exchanged in a match, just 34 in the 17-17 IMP draw between Spain and the Czech Republic. Don't be fooled into thinking that this was a dull set, however, as Turkey and Belgium scored 137 IMPs between them while Norway and Austria managed to beat even that, exchanging 148.

Board 8. Dealer West. None Vul.
  ª Q 10 7
© A K J 5
¨ Q 4
§ K J 7 3
ª A 9 5
© 8 7 2
¨ A K J 6 2
§ 10 4
Bridge deal ª K J 8 6 4 3 2
© 4
¨ 9 5
§ 8 6 5
  ª -
© Q 10 9 6 3
¨ 10 8 7 3
§ A Q 9 2

France v Croatia
West North East South
G Grenthe Praljak J Grenthe Kazalicki
1¨ Dble 1ª 4©
Dble Pass 4ª Pass
Pass 5© Dble All Pass

West North East South
Zoric O Bessis Brguljan De Tessieres
1¨ Dble 1ª 4©
Pass Pass 4ª Pass
Pass 5© Pass Pass
5ª Dble All Pass  

The first round of the two auctions was identical but then Guillaume Grenthe found a double of 4© while Vedran Zoric did not. Perhaps the French pair have a special agreement here as otherwise to double with a minimum opening is a little odd. Both Easts bid 4ª and when that came around to North both players competed to 5©. Having heard his brother double 4©, Jerome Grenthe now doubled 5©, while Karlo Brguljan, who had not heard any encouraging noises from his partner, left the decision to him. Zoric, with a minimum and three-card support for what was known to be a very long spade suit, did the normal thing when he went on to 5ª, doubled by Olivier Bessis.

Grenthe cashed the two top diamonds against 5© doubled then switched to the ªA. It was an easy matter for Matija Kazalicki to ruff the spade and ruff two diamonds high in dummy to come to eleven tricks; +650 to Croatia.
Godefroy de Tessieres led a low heart against 5ª doubled. Bessis won and switched to a club and the defence took the first three tricks. That was all, however; down one for -100 and 11 IMPs to Croatia.

Poland v Sweden
West North East South
Upmark J Kotorowicz Cullin K Kotorowicz
1¨ Dble 2ª 4©
4ª Pass Pass 5©
Pass Pass 5ª All Pass
West North East South

Skalski Sivelind Baranowski Ericsson
1¨ Dble 2ª 3©
3ª 4© 4ª All Pass

In this match, both East started with a weak jump shift over the double. There was a difference in judgement from the two Souths now, with Krzysztof Kotorowicz jumping to 4© while Kjell Ericsson contented himself with 3©. The difference in evaluation was carried over to the next round of bidding also. When Johan Upmark bid 4ª over 4© and that came around to Kotorowicz, he took the push to 5©, finally giving up when Per-Ola Cullin went on to 5ª. In contrast, despite hearing his partner raise to 4© in competition, Ericsson was prepared to defend 4ª<