17th European Youth Bridge Team Champinships

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No. : 10 • Sunday, 16 July 2000





Yossi on a Roll

Israel’s Yossi Roll reported this deal from the match against England.


Round 18. Board 4. Dealer East. N/S Vul
  ª Q 9 2
© A 6
¨ Q 9 4 3
§ K Q 10 9
ª A 6 5
© Q 10 8 4
¨ J 8
§ J 8 4 2
Bridge deal ª K 7 4 3
© 9 3 2
¨ K 10 7 5
§ 7 5
  ª J 10 8
© K J 7 5
¨ A 6 2
§ A 6 3


West North East South
Roll Schnieder
1§ Pass 1©
Pass 1NT Pass 3NT
All Pass


The lead was the five of diamonds, playing fourth best, which declarer ran to his queen, as West played the jack. As declarer knew he would need a spade trick, and a club guess or the heart finesse, he played the nine of spades from hand, and it was allowed to run to West’s ace. West returned the eight of diamonds, and when that was ducked all round, he found the best defence of switching to the six of spades. Declarer was allowed to win with the queen, and he played the queen of clubs, hoping to get a count of the suit. Although it appeared to declarer that East indicated he had three cards in the suit, he was inclined to place him with two, but postponed his decision by exiting with a spade. East took his ace, and when he cashed his winning spade, he set up a squeeze against his partner. When he exited with a diamond, West had no good discard. He elected to unguard the queen of hearts, but declarer simply played a heart to the king, and a heart back to the ace for nine tricks.


Only an initial heart lead is good enough to defeat the contract, and that is hardly likely when South has bid the suit.


At the other table East led a spade, and when declarer failed to divine the club position, he could not come to more than eight tricks.


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