17th European Youth Bridge Team Champinships

Daily Bulletin
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No. : 8 • Friday, 14 July 2000

Israel still in charge

The leaders maintained their advantage, and at the same time probably put paid to their opponents chances, with a maximum victory over England. Second placed Norway also recorded a maximum against Spain, but that still leaves them almost a full match behind the leaders.


Denmark held on to third place, but by only collecting 16 VPs, they allowed the Netherlands to get much closer, as they were the third of the leading teams to collect a maximum. Italy had the bye, and that was good enough to keep them in fifth place. France lost the chance to overtake them when they were held to a draw by Russia. Turkey defeated Germany 19-11 on VuGraph to gain a place, and some ground.


In tomorrow’s Daily Bulletin we will bring you an extended report on the activities of yesterday’s outings but meanwhile here is something to wet your appetites.



Not worst defense of the championship

By Steen Möller, Denmark.

In the Nordic derby between Iceland and Denmark the declarer made a small error that enabled the Danes find the setting trick in a surprising way.


Round 14. Board 1. Dealer North. None Vul.
  ª J 10
© A K 5 3 2
¨ A J 8 3 2
§ Q
ª A 6 3
© 7 6
¨ 7 5 4
§ A 8 4 3 2
Bridge deal ª K Q 7 4 2
© J 10 4
¨ K Q 9
§ 10 7
  ª 9 8 5
© Q 9 8
¨ 10 6
§ K J 9 6 5

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Israel Team Profile

Its OK with Juniors 5


Antalya 2000


West North East South
Thorsson Askgaard Stefansson Bjarnarson
1© 1ª 2©
2ª 3¨ Pass 3©
All Pass


The defence played three times spades, North winning the third round with a trump. When he played the queen of clubs, Gregers Bjarnarson took his ace, and led back a diamond. North innocently ducked. This proved fatal as Michael Askgaard could win with the queen and play a fourth round of spades. Now, look at those heart spots!

North could not afford a discard from dummy as the six of hearts from West would set up a trump winner for the defense. He therefore ruffed with the heart eight and West discarded a diamond. North drew two rounds of trump and tried to discard his two remaining losers on the clubs, but East was able to ruff, and the contract went one of for a push. Four hearts down one in other room.

North could have made the contract by ruffing a diamond in dummy, as West cannot overruff, but this smacks of double dummy.



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