17th European Youth Bridge Team Champinships

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No. : 7 • Thursday, 13 July 2000

Israel begin to see daylight
Shocks for France & Poland


The now long time leaders of the Junior Championship, Israel, have at last started to draw clear of the chasing teams. They scored maximums in their first two matches yesterday, and only dropped two VPs in their third one to power themselves 23 VP ahead of second placed Norway.

Denmark is third, and the Netherlands, who also claimed three victories, are fourth. The chasing pack is not far behind, and is headed by France and Italy. England has come into the picture thanks to three victories, and Turkey is eighth. If any other teams are to have a chance of capturing one of the top four places, they will have to make a move soon.


It was business as usual for the two leading teams on the second day of the Schools Championship, with France and Poland both winning their opening matches, the Polish team recording a remarkable 126-1 IMP score against Germany. The lost IMP only came on Board 18, and the Polish coach immediately launched an enquiry! Not to be outdone, France scored 110 IMPs in their second match against Latvia, but they conceded 40 IMPs. Meanwhile, Poland went down to their first defeat against Sweden. That was followed by a losing draw with the Netherlands, but their hopes were rekindled by the news that France had lost 8-22 to Austria.



A Grand Squeeze

by Nissan Rand


Although Netherlands won their Round 11 match against the leaders 16-14VP, it was Israel who picked up the biggest swing.



Board 6. Dealer East. E/W Vul
  ª J 10 9 7 5 4
© 5 3
¨ 10 9
§ 10 6 5
ª Q 8
© A K Q 9 8 2
¨ K 7 4
§ Q 8
Bridge deal ª A K 6 3
© 7 4
¨ A 8 6 5
§ A 9 2
  ª 2
© J 10 6
¨ Q J 3 2
§ K J 7 4


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Finnish Team Profile


Antalya 2000


West North East South
Amit Vax
1NT Pass
4¨ Pass 4© Pass
4NT Pass 5§ Pass
5NT Pass 6ª Pass
7© All Pass


Four Diamonds showed hearts, and Five Clubs promised 0 or 3 aces. When East showed the king of spades, West decided to chance his arm.

North led a trump, and it was immediately obvious to declarer that he would need a squeeze. He drew trumps in three rounds, discarding a club from dummy. Vax continued with the queen of spades and also cashed the ace and king of spades, discarding a diamond from hand. When declarer ruffed dummy’s last spade, South was squeezed in the minors. He threw a diamond, so declarer played the king of diamonds, a diamond to the ace, and ruffed a diamond, setting up a diamond as his thirteenth trick.

It was worth 13 IMPs, as in the other room the contract was only Six Hearts.


Well played, but if North had held the king of clubs, ruffing the last spade would not have worked. With so many menaces, there is probably always a winning line, but declarer may be required to guess the ending.



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