PROKOM 10th Open and 5th Seniors European Pairs
PROKOM 10th Open and 5th Seniors European Pairs
PROKOM 10th Open and 5th Seniors European Pairs

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The Prokom Software 10th European Open Pairs Championship and 5th European Seniors Championship were concluded with a combined total of 496 Pairs taking part.

399 pairs contested the Open series and 97 competed in the Seniors, both easily new records for each competition.

35 Countries are represented with pride of place going to Poland who had more than 100 pairs in the field.

Paul Chemla & Alain Levy of France are the new Prokom European Pairs Champions and winners of the Giorgio Belladonna Trophy donated by the maestro's family. The French pair add yet another prestigious title to their current status as Olympiad and Bermuda Bowl champions. Chemla is also the World Individual champion.

The French stayed ahead of Norberto Bocchi & Giorgio Duboin of Italy, who collected silver. The Italians are current European team champions. Apolinary Kowalski & Jacek Romanski of Poland took the bronze. The Poles both have former world titles to their credit.

Jerzy Kniga-Leosz & Krzysztof Lasocki of Poland held on to take the seniors title. Lasocki is one of Poland's leading players and a former European Open Pairs champion with Piotr Gawrys. Kniga-Leosz is a First Division player who is recording his first international title.

The silver medal went to Zbigniew Pinkiewicz & Antoni Sekowski of Poland and the bronze to Henryk Mjkolajczyk & Jacek Lewandowski of Poland.

1999 Open Pairs Champions 1999 Senior Pairs Champions
Open Pairs Champions: Paul Chemla, and Alain Levy (France). Senior Pairs Champions: Jerzy Kniga-Leosz, and Krzysztof Lasocki (Poland).

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