European Championships

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Open Series Winners

Open Series champions: ITALY: Buratti, Lauria, Versace, Duboin, Lanzarotti, Bocchi
Ladies series winners

Ladies Series champions: GREAT BRITAIN: Landy, Handley, Smith, Davies, Dhondy, McGowan

The 43rd Generalli European Teams Championship is concluded, having attracted a record participation of 35 teams in the Open Series, 24 teams in the Ladies Series, 14 teams in the Senior Series and 148 pairs in the Ladies Pairs Championships.

In the Open Series Italy had already won the Championship before the last round started. There was a tremendous battle for the remaining medals and Poland just had the edge on Norway in the race for second place. Denmark was a comfortable fourth, but there was a titanic struggle for the last qualifying place between France and Netherlands; the first finally won the 5th place and qualified for Tunisia.

In the Ladies Series Great Britain won the gold medal, France the silver and Israel the bronze. The other two qualifying places for Hammamet were won by Germany and the Netherlands.

In the Ladies Pairs, Daniela von Arnim and Sabine Auken of Germany repeated their 1995 triumph ahead of Golin Olivieri (Italy) and Cohen-Zuccarelli (France).

In the Senior Series France won the gold medal finishing ahead of Poland. A team from Netherlands took the 3rd place and the bronze medal.

Days and Rounds
Saturday 14 June

Sunday 15 June O1, O2 P
Monday 16 June O3, O4, O5 QUAL3, FIN1, CONS1
Tuesday 17 June O6, O7 FIN2, CONS2
Wednesday 18 June O8, O9, O10, Butl09 L1, L2
Thursday 19 June O11, O12, Butl11 L3, L4
Friday 20 June O13, O14, Butl13 L5, L6
Saturday 21 June O15, O16, Butl16 O17, L7, L8, LButl08, L9 S1
Sunday 22 June O18, Butl18 O19, L10, LButl10 L11 S2, S3
Monday 23 June O20, O21, Butl21 O22 L12, L13, LButl13 S4, S5
Tuesday 24 June O23, O24, Butl24, O25 L14, L15, LButl15, L16 S6, S7
Wednesday 25 June O26, Butl26 O27 L17, LButl17 L18 S8, S9
Thursday 26 June O28, O29, Butl29, O30 L19, L20, LButl17, L21 S10, S11
Friday 27 June O31, O32, Butl32, O33 L22, Final Rankings, LButl23 S12, Final Rankings
Saturday 28 June O34, Final Rankings, Butl35


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LButl?? Ladies Series-Butler Rankings (after round ??)

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