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Open series winners
Open Pairs champions: Kierznowski-Lukaszewicz of Poland
Senior series winners
Senior Pairs champions: Cohen-Renoux of France


The 1997 European Pairs Championships, held in The Hague, capital city of The Netherlands, 17-22 March 1997, attracted an entry of 772 players from 30 European countries. The Championship was played in two series: Open and Seniors.

The original entry in the OPEN series was 306 pairs from 29 countries. The tournament started with a 3-session qualifying stage from which 112 pairs advanced to the Semi-final A while 186 pairs continued in the Semi-final B. After another three sessions, the top 40 pairs from the semi-final A and the top 4 pairs from the semi-final B earned a place in the 44-pair Final A; 157 pairs took part in the Final B and 64 competed in the Consolation.

The 1997 European Open Pairs Championship was the ninth event in the series which started in Cannes, France, in 1976 and continued in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 1980 and 1985. Since 1985, the Championship has been held every two years. It is remarkable that all events have been won by either French or Polish players. This 1997 competition was no exception, as the table of the top pairs reads as follows:

Rank Players Country Score %
1 Kierznowski Lukaszewicz POL 56.48
2 Abecassis Quantin FRA 55.75
3 Fredin Lindkvist SWE 55.73
4 Gotard Holowski GER 55.18
5 Levy Mari FRA 54.97

The SENIOR series attracted 80 pairs from 17 countries. Three qualifying sessions were played to select the 28 pairs of the Final; the rest could play in the Consolation and 45 pairs did so.

The European Senior Pairs Championship was instituted in 1989 as a biennial event. Italy won on the first two occasions, followed by Switzerland in 1993 and Poland in 1995. This year, the title was won by France thanks to a Ladies pair - the first women's pair to win a non-Ladies championship.

Rank Players Country Score %
1 N.Cohen M.F.Renoux FRA 55.79
2 H.Humburg G.Mattsson GER 55.38
3 H.Riise L.Salterod NOR 55.30
4 Björn Hall Hans Lind SWE 54.81
5 K.Gwis J.Polec POL 54.65

For the Daily Bulletins (Internet edition) or the full results of each session in each series, use the following table for your selection:

Sunday 16 March

Monday 17 March QUAL1 QUAL1
Tuesday 18 March QUAL2, QUAL3 QUAL2
Wednesday 19 March SEMI-A1, SEMI-B1 QUAL3
Thursday 20 March SEMI-A2, SEMI-B2, SEMI-A3, SEMI-B3 FINAL1, CONSOL1
Friday 21 March FINAL-A1, FINAL-B1, CONSOL1
Saturday 22 March FINAL-A3, FINALB3 FINAL3

The 1997 European Pairs Championship was supported by:

Sportstad Den Haag Nobel van Dijk
Compaq Microsoft Canon Arboned

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