13th European Small Federation Games

Vilnius, Lithuania • 28 - 30 September 2021


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 • Host City

Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania - located in southeastern Lithuania, is the second-largest city in the Baltic states. Almost 700 years ago, Grand Duke Gediminas invited merchants and craftsmen from all over Europe to the city. Many different nationalities and ethnicities found a home in Vilnius, bringing their traditions and cultural practices here.

Over the time, skilled craftsmen created a unique face for Vilnius, which is now protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Vilnius is called a pearl of Baroque and boasts one of the most beautiful old town districts in the world. Before World War II, Vilnius was also one of the largest Jewish centres in Europe. Napoleon called it "the Jerusalem of the North" as he was passing through in 1812.

Today, due its rich history, beautiful architecture and vibrant vibes Vilnius is considered one of the top tourism destinations in the world! We are waiting for you in our beautiful city, where we are sure, you will be pleased and enjoy your stay. Every single minute of it!

 • Venue

Event venue hotel is Crown Plaza Vilnius where pricing starts at 65€.

Alternative accommodation options:

  • One of the best, our recommended - luxurious Hotel Pacai 180€+
  • Comfortable and affordable Trio hotel. In addition, this hotel offers hostel type rooms, if needed. 40€+
  • Contact for accomodation - nika@bridgescanner.com

 • Transport

If you choose to arrive to Vilnius by plane or train, easiest way to arrive to playing venue - taxi (10-15 min drive, cost 10€).

Taxi, Bolt and Uber service are available in Vilnius. Should you have a need for transportation to the hotel of your choice upon your arrival it may be organized for the additional fee.

 • Format

The format and exact schedule will be announced once we know the number of participating teams.

Immediately after the event, the Vilnius Cup will start, which is a 2021 Grand Prix of Poland bridge festival series, in the same venue.


 • Programme

28.09.2021 15.00 European Small Federations Games - Day 1  
29.09.2021   European Small Federations Games - Day 2  
30.09.2021   European Small Federations Games - Day 3  
01.10.2019   Vilnius Cup - Teams Qualification

Teams tournament (part of the Polish Grand Prix series) - 8 matches by 8 boards. The first six teams will advance to the Final. 

Teams, placed 7th – 10th will play the mini-play-off - qualifiers - (2 matches by 8 boards) on Saturday, October 2nd, to advance to the seventh and eighth team places at the tournament Finals.

02.10.2019   Vilnius Cup - Main Pairs tournament

Pairs tournament - 50 boards (part of the Polish Grand Prix series).

On Saturday evening – everyone is invited to the traditional banquet organized and held by our long-term partners at the Olympic Casino!

03.10.2019   Vilnius Cup - Teams finals, Pairs tournament

Teams Tournament Final - 8 teams play Round Robin (7 boards in a match), while retaining half of their points scored on Friday.

Players who will not make it to the Finals, will be able to register for an additional Pairs tournament (IMP) on Sunday, October 3rd.

 • Conditions of Contest

For all rules and regulations please see:

Attention is drawn to the Competitor's Commitment Form that must be signed by each participant. Details and a copy of the form can be found in the links above.

 • Entry Fees

There is no entry fee for the Small Federations games.

Participation fees for Vilnius Cup:

  • Open Teams tournament - 400€
  • Open Pairs tournament - 160€
  • Additional Pairs tournament - 60€

All SFG participants will get a 25% discount for Vilnius Cup tournaments. Admission to the event is guaranteed ONLY with the early registration (until September 17th) at http://vilniuscup.org/.

 • Prizes

First 3 places in the Small Federations Games receive EBL master points and plaques.

In the Vilnius Cup there will be cash prizes, medals and cups for the winners in all competitions, with a guaranteed prize pool of 14.000€. Additionally, players will be awarded WBF World Bridge Federation ranking points - WBF Year points, if sufficient number of teams will participate at the Teams tournament. 

 • Contact

Registration in the Small Federation Games will be done through our site.

For registration in the Vilnius Cup, please visit http://vilniuscup.org.

Contact Information

Catherine Vitry (EBL Secretary)

Veronika Rabina

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