14th European Youth Pairs Championships

Opatija, Croatia • 11 - 18 July 2018


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 • Registration

Entries to the events should be submitted electronically via the EBL Website (not by email) until 1st June 2018. Later entries will be accepted only if technically convenient. There is no restrictions on numbers of entries per NBO.

Participation in the Championships is by invitation by the EBL. Subject to the Eligibility Code of the EBL and the unfettered discretion of the EBL Credentials Committee, invitations will be issued to pairs where each member of the partnership:

  • was born on or after 1 January 1993 for the U26, Ladies, and Mixed series, or on or after 1 January 1998 for the U21 series, or on or after 1 January 2003 for the U16 series.
  • was nominated by the NBO of an EBL member country, which is in good standing with the EBL and not in arrears in the payment of monies due to the EBL.

The Mixed Pairs and all four series in the Pairs are for National Pairs (i.e. both players must come from the same NBO; transnational pairs are not permitted). The President’s Cup (see section 3a) is transnational and trans-series.

Each pair must play against any other pair as designated by the organizing committee and/or Tournament Director. Entry and subsequent refusal to play will result in disqualification. Other consequences are possible at the discretion of the EBL.

By entering, each player accepts that he may be photographed, filmed or video-taped.

The names of the players submitted to the EBL website will be transmitted to the EBL Credentials Committee for consideration of approval of
participation. Only accredited people can enter the venue of the Championships.

To register for an event, please click on the following link and then follow the instructions.

Register for a Pairs Event
Register for the Youth Camp

To modify an existing entry, use the following link. Please note that you will need the confirmation code you received. With each modification a new confirmation code is sent to you, so make sure you keep the confirmation email.

Modify a pairs entry

 • List of Participants

To see the list of participants for a specific event, please select the appropriate link from the following table:

Participation List
Mixed Pairs
U26 Pairs
U21 Pairs
U26 Women Pairs
U16 Pairs
U13 Pairs
President's Cup
Youth Camp

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