Eilat, Israel • 15-18 November 2012


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 • Format

The teams will be divided into two groups of six and in each group a complete round-robin qualifier of 20 boards will be played.

At the end of the round-robin qualifier the first two ranked teams will play a knockout match of 48 boards (three 16-board segments: 1st of group A v. 2nd of group B – 1st of group B v. 2nd of group A) in semifinal A; the third and fourth in semifinal B (3rd of group A v. 4th of group B – 3rd of group B v. 4th of group A); and the fifth and sixth in semifinal C (5th of group A v. 6th of group B – 5th of group B v. 6th of group A).

The winners of semifinal A will play a 48-board final (three 16-board segments) to determine the title; the losers will play a 32-board playoff (two 16-board segments) for third place; the winners of semifinal B and C will play 32-board matches (two 16-board segments), respectively, for fifth and ninth places; the losers of these semifinals will not be involved in further play.

The EBL Open Team Championships Rules & Regulations apply to the European Champions' Cup.

 • Programme & Schedule of play

Date Time Event Boards
Thursday 15 November 15.30 Captains' Meeting  
16.00 Round Robin qualifier, match 1 20
19.00 Opening Ceremony & Cocktails / Dinner  
21.10 Round Robin qualifier, match 2 20
Friday 16 November 10.00 Round Robin qualifier, match 3 20
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Round Robin qualifier, match 4 20
17.10 Round Robin qualifier, match 5 20
Saturday 17 November 10.30 Semifinal, segment 1 16
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Semifinal, segment 2 16
16.40 Semifinal, segment 3 16
20.30 WOW show  
Sunday 18 November 10.30 Final / Playoff, segment 1 16
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Final / Playoff, segment 2 16
16.40 Final, segment 3 16
19.30 Prize Giving & Cocktails  
20.30 Simultaneous Pairs  

 • Prizes

Rank Prize Money Medals
Winners €5,000 Gold Medal & Champions' Cup
Runners up €3,000 Silver Medal
3rd place €2,000 Bronze Medal
4th place €1,500  
5th place €1,000  
9th place €600  

The winners will be named European Champion Club champions, and will be invited to defend their title in the next edition of the competition, to be held in 2013.

 • Information & Contact

Eligible teams need to confirm their participation by 26 September 2012.

To confirm participation, as well as for any further information, please contact Catherine Vitry at the EBL Secretariat, secretariat@europeanbridge.org.