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 • Format

 The Championships comprise the following competitions:
    • Mixed Teams
    • Mixed Pairs
    • Open, Women and Senior Teams
    • Open, Women and Senior Pairs

Each Pairs competition (Open, Women, Senior, Mixed) will be played in three stages: qualification, semifinals and final.

Each Team competition (Open, Women, Senior, Mixed) will be played in two stages: qualification (teams to be divided into groups and play a complete round robin) and final (knockout competitions: round of 32, round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final).

All competitions, Pairs and Teams, are transnational.

 • Programme

Date Time Event
Friday 17 June 12.00-20.00
Mixed Teams registration
Saturday 18 June 10.30
Mixed Teams (qualification)
Opening Ceremony
Sunday 19 June 10.30
Mixed Teams (qualification)
Mixed Pairs registration
Monday 20 June 08.30-10.00
Mixed Pairs registration
Mixed Teams (round of 32, round of 16)
Mixed Pairs (qualification)
Tuesday 21 June 10.30
Mixed Teams (quarterfinal, semifinals)
Mixed Pairs (qualification)
Wednesday 22 June 10.30
Mixed Teams (final)
Mixed Pairs (semifinal)
Thursday 23 June 10.30
Mixed Pairs (final)
O/W/S Teams registration
Mixed Championships Prize Giving Ceremony & O/W/S Teams welcome
Friday 24 June 10.00-13.00
O/W/S Teams registration
O/W/S Teams (qualification)
Saturday 25 June 10.30 O/W/S Teams (qualification)
Sunday 26 June 10.30
O/W/S Teams (qualification)
O/W/S Pairs Registration
Monday 27 June 08.30-10.00
O/W/S Pairs registration
Open Teams (round of 32, round of 16)
O/W/S Pairs (qualification)
Tuesday 28 June 10.30
O/W/S Teams (quarterfinal, semifinal)
O/W/S Pairs (qualification)
Wednesday 29 June 10.30
O/W/S Teams (final)
O/W/S Pairs (semifinal)
O/W/S Teams Prize Giving Ceremony
Thursday 30 June 10.30 O/W/S Pairs (semifinal)
Friday 1 July 10.30 O/W/S Pairs (final)
Saturday 2 July 10.30
O/W/S Pairs (final)
O/W/S Pairs Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony

 • Rules & Regulations

The Rules & Regulations pertaining to the Championships are available here in pdf format. Click here to download them.

 • Entries

• Right of Entry

Bridge players from all WBF zones are entitled to participate in the championships, provided they are members in good standing of a National Bridge Federation (NBO).

All events are transnational. There are no restrictions on the number of entries allowed per NBO.

• Entry Fees

To be paid by bank transfer (see below) in cash (Euros or Polish Zloty) or by credit card upon arrival at the Tournament Reception and Registration Desk at the venue:

Events Entry Fees
Mixed Teams (per team) €800
Mixed Pairs (per pair) €270
Open, Women & Senior Teams (per team) €950
Open, Women & Senior Pairs (per pair) €400

The entries are calculated on the basis of approximately €20 per person per qualifying session (and semifinal in pairs). There is no extra cost for players reaching the pairs finals or the KO phase of the team events. Players from the finals of the teams can drop into the final of the pairs event of the same category, free of charge.

  • A 25% reduction on the entry fees will be granted to players entering all four events.
  • A 25% reduction on the entry fees will be granted to any team or pair comprising, exclusively, Junior players (born in 1986 or later).

These reductions are non-accumulative.

• Registration

All entries to the various competitions must be submitted electronically via the local organization championship website: Entries received will be automatically forwarded to the NBO of each proposed player and are subject to their NBOs' approval. Withdrawals of accepted entries must be acknowledged by email to to avoid payment of the entry fee.

Entries must be submitted by 31 May 2011. Entry applications received after this deadline will be accepted only if technically convenient. Withdrawals of accepted entries are subject to the same deadline.

 • Prizes

EBL Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded. The winners in each category will receive the title of European Open Champions. Honour prizes will be presented to the best ranking pairs and teams in each category. EBL Master Points will also be awarded.

The teams and pairs winning the European title in Poznan will be hosted by the EBL at the 6th European Open Championships to be held in 2013 for one week (the winners of the Mixed events will be invited to the Mixed playing week, the winners of the Open, Women's and Senior events will be invited to the O/W/S playing week) with free entry and 'Bed & Breakfast' hotel accommodation in a double room.

• Overall Ranking Cash Prizes

Overall Ranking Open Women Seniors
1st place €4,000 €2,500 €2,500
2nd place €2,000 €1,500 €1,500
3rd place €1,250 €1,000 €1,000
4th place €1,000 €750 €750
5th place €750 €500 €500
6th - 10th place (each) €500 €400 €400
11th - 15th place (each) €400    

 • Contact

For further information, please contact Marina Madia at the EBL Secretariat:   Entry Fee payments by bank transfer should be sent to the EBL account, as follows:
  European Bridge League
Via della Moscova 46/5
I-20121  Milan
39-02-3670 4987
39-02-3670 5962
39-329-560 9996

2 Place de Hollande
CH-1211 Geneva 11

European Bridge League
Ac. no.: 30 97 300
IBAN: CH46 0868 6309 7300 04978

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