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No. : 14 • Saturday Evening, 3 July 2004

Six in a Row for Italy


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Six in a Row for Italy 1
Sweden v Netherlands 2
Heads I Win Tails You Lose 3
Another Lost Opportunity 4
Poland v Turkey – Open Round 32 5
EBL President’s Farewell 6

They won in Vilamoura, Montecatini, Malta, Tenerife and Salsomaggiore, and now by winning here in Malmö Italy, represented by Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio, Nunes, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace, Maria Teresea Lavazza, NPC and Massimo Ortensi, Coach, break its own record by wining the European Open Team Championship for the sixth time in a row, Italy’s eighteenth victory overall.

It is Lorenzo Lauria’s sixth victory, and he joins Kenneth Konstam in second place on the all time list, four victories behind the legendary Giorgio Belladonna.

Norberto Bocchi & Giorgio Duboin becomes the first pair to achieve five consecutive wins, while Fulvio Fantoni & Claudio, Nunes are experiencing the thrill of their first.

Sweden, Johan Sylvan, PO Sundelin, Peter Fredin, Magnus Lindqvist, Peter Bertheau, Fredrik Nyström Jan Kamras, NPC, Per-Ola Cullin & Tobias Törnqvist, Assistants, are the runners-up.

Poland, Cezary Balicki, Adam Zmudzinski, Apolinary Kowalski, Piotr Tuszynski, Bartosz Churmski, Mariusz Puczynski, Wojtek Siwiec, NPC, just pipped Russia for the last place on the podium.

England came back from a disastrous start to earn a first ever appearance in the Bermuda Bowl, leaving the Netherlands in limbo.

The Nils Jenson European Senior Teams Championship goes to Denmark, Georg Norris, Steen Møller, Peter Lund, Kirsten Jens Auken, Dahl Flemming PC, they are joined on the podium by Poland, Jacek Korpetta, Janusz Radecki, Kazimierz Omernik, Krzysztof Sikorski, Janusz c. Nowak NPC, Wlodek Stobiecki Coach, and France, Paul Chemla, José Damiani, Albert Faigenbaum, Christian Mari, Jean-Louis Stoppa, François Stretz, Yves Aubry NPC.

Germany takes the fourth Senior Bowl spot in Estoril.

Israel were convincing winners of Senior Teams B Final.


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