Parioli-Angelini keep the European Champions' Cup at home in Rome

Parioli - Italy  
After four days of intense fighting, the European Champions' Cup remained where it was placed last year: in Rome's Tennis Club Parioli!. The Angelini team, representing Pariloli, successfully defended their title, first won in 2003.

With another display of virtuosity, Lorenzo LAURIA and Alfredo VERSACE have been the anchor pair of the team. They won the Butler classification of all the pairs playing in the Round Robin by a big margin, and they again won the Butler scoring for the pairs playing in the semifinals and the final. Congratulations also go to the other two pairs of the winning team: Francesco ANGELINI-Antonio SEMENTA and Claudio NUNES-Fulvio FANTONI.

Computerland - Poland  

The final was a close match until the last segment started. The eventual winners led their Polish opponents Computerland: Cezary Balicki, Adam Zmudzinski, Wojciech Olanski, Wlodzimeirz Starkowski, Stanislaw Golebiowski and Mariusz Kwiecinski by 8 IMPs after 12 boards, by 18 IMPs after 24 boards and by 19 IMPs only with 12 boards to play. It turned out, however, that what might have developed into a tense final session became sort of a formality after the blow the Poles suffered on the first board of it, the final margin rising to no less than 55 IMPs!

Alelgra - Italy  

The play-off for the bronze was a more one-sided affair, Allegra Torino winning the first two of the allotted three segments 45-7 and 37-15 to lead by 60 with 12 boards to play. The Dutch opponents recovered well, bringing down their deficit to 35, but the bronze medal went to Allegra Torino: Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Andrea Buratti, Massimo Lanzarotti, Mario D’Avossa, Guido Ferraro, with Maria Teresa Lavazza n.p.c.

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