Editor: Jean-Paul Meyer - Co-Editor: Mark Horton
Journalists: Franco Broccoli, Guy Dupont, Jos Jacobs, Philippe Brunel, Brent Manley
Photos: Ron Tacchi - Web Editor: George Georgopoulos

No. : 14 • Saturday, 28 June 2003

France in Pole Position
for the Grand Prix de Menton

Big Deal in Menton
Table of Contents
France in Pole Position for the Grand Prix de Menton 1
Open Pairs Final, First Session, An Impression 2
The Bidding Battle 3
Hand Stories... 4
Eyes on the Prize 5
More Hand Stories 6

Although there are still many deals to be played there is the possibility of a remarkable French treble. In the Open Paul Chemla & Phillipe Cronier are near (0.01) behind India's Anil Phadye & Rajesh Dalal while Catherine d’Ovidio & Danielle Allouche are on top of the Woman’s event, and the Seniors are led by François Leenhardt & Patrick Sussel.

Final Bulletin

We hope to bring you a final bulletin today with pictures of the winners and the results. It should be available after the medal ceremonies.

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