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No. : 9 • Tuesday, 16 July 2002

Italy Looking Good in Juniors

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Italy continue to dominate the Juniors event, beating Czech Republic 25-5 and Belgium 24-6 to increase their lead to 29 VPs. France are second after scoring 21 against Spain but then losing their important match with Poland (lying fourth) 13-17. In third come Denmark, who picked up a maximum against Belgium but then lost 12-18 to Norway. France meet Denmark on vugraph this morning in a crucial match for both teams.

In the Juniors, Israel scored 25 against Ireland but then lost 14-16 to Norway, allowing Poland to leapfrog them at the top of the rankings. The Poles beat France 20-10 and England 24-6, a very good return on the day. Norway also took a maximum in their other match to consolidate their hold on third place.

At the bottom, the morning match saw the bottom three, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, fail to score a single VP between them. And Scotland finished the day on the same score as they began, losing their other match 0-25 also to allow Wales to move a little closer in the battle to avoid last place.

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