European Bridge League

Administering the Mind Sport BRIDGE in Europe

The EBL Women Committee was created  in 1985, to serve any interests particular to women bridge players. Its first chairman was Anna Maria Torlontano of Italy. Its "raison d'ĂȘtre" and goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Bridge has been recognized by IOC (International Olympic Committee) as a sport, and the World Bridge Federation is an International Sports Federation.
  • Within the Olympic movement, women should be represented not only in sports but also in the fields of public relations, administration, and so forth.
  • To advance the interests of women players it is important for each NBO to have a designated delegate who can coordinate with the Committee.
  • To convince, and this is very important, all NBOs to send women players to represent their country at EBL championships. We do need to increase the number of teams participating in the women category of the European Team Championships.
  • Last but not least, to help promote competitive women's bridge in general, especially in countries where serious competition is still dominated by men.
Chairman Sevinc ATAY Turkiye
Members Heather DHONDY England
  Mary KELLY-ROGERS Ireland
  Rosemarie KUNTZ Germany
  Mary Kelly ROGERS Ireland
  Nikica SVER Croatia
  Silvia VALENTINI Italy