The 9th European Open Championships (EOC) will be hosted at the Green Park Pendik Hotel and Convention Center, Istanbul, Turkey from 15th June 2019 to 29th June 2019

The EOC will be conducted under the auspices of the European Bridge League (EBL). Unless stated otherwise in these Regulations, the EOC shall be governed by the 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge and the EBL General Conditions of Contest (GCoC).

The EOC will consist of Pairs and Teams medal events in the categories Open, Women, Seniors and Mixed as well as other Pairs and Teams events. All events will be transnational and there will be no restriction on the number of entries per NBO.

 • Format

 The Championships comprise the following medal events:
    • Mixed, Open, Women and Seniors Teams
    • Mixed, Open, Women and Seniors Pairs
Running in parallel with the finals of the medal events, there will be special EBL teams and pairs events where non-qualifiers are invited to participate free of charge. They will replace the “B-Finals” of the past. They will also be open to new entrants at a fee.

The Mixed and Open Teams will be played with a two-day Swiss qualification followed by a three-day knockout stage.
The Women and Senior Teams will be played with a two-day Swiss qualification followed by a two-day knockout stage.
The Mixed Pairs will be played with a one-day qualification, a one-day semifinal A & B followed by a two-day final.
The Open Pairs will be played with a two-day qualification, a one-day semifinal A & B followed by a two-day final.
The Women and Senior Pairs will be played with a one-day qualification, a one-day semifinal A & B followed by a one-day final.

The above formats assume similar number of entries as at previous Open Championships, and the EBL reserves the right to alter the format, if necessary, to ensure a fair and enjoyable event. The total duration, start and finishing dates of each event will however not change.

Players from teams still playing in the Teams competition when the qualification for the corresponding Pairs event starts will be able to enter that Pairs event at the earliest possible opportunity, provided they have registered and paid the entry fee for that Pairs event. For details please see the Supplemental Conditions of Contest § 4.

 • Masterpoints

EBL Masterpoints will be awarded in all events of the championship, as per the scales presented here.

 • Programme (click here for detailed information)

Saturday 15 June - Wednesday 19 JuneMixed Teams
Monday 17 JuneOpen BAM
Tuesday 18 June – Friday 21 JuneMixed Pairs
Thursday 20 June – Friday 21 JuneOpen Pairs tournaments
Saturday 22 June – Wednesday 26 JuneOpen Teams
Saturday 22 June – Tuesday 25 JuneWomen/Seniors Teams
Monday 24 JuneOpen BAM
Tuesday 25 June – Saturday 29 JuneOpen Pairs
Tuesday 25 June – Thursday 27 JuneWomen/Senior Pairs
Thursday 27 June Women/Seniors Pairs
Friday 28 June – Saturday 29 JuneOpen Pairs tournaments

 • Conditions of Contest

 • Entries - Registration

Entries to the medal events should be submitted electronically via the EBL website (not by email) seven days prior to the starting date of the respective event at the latest. Later entries will be accepted only if technically convenient, and entries on the starting day of an event will not be accepted.

Entries to the EBL special teams and pairs events are to be made the day prior to the start of the respective event at the latest through an electronic procedure to be published in the Daily Bulletin

Bridge players from all WBF zones are entitled to participate in the Championships provided they are members in good standing of a recognized National Bridge Organization (NBO), and provided they have completed and signed the EBL Commitment form, then either scanned or photographed all the pages and sent it to before the start of the event in which they plan to play. The form can be downloaded from here.

To be eligible for participation, a player must comply with the EBL Rules & Regulations and the EBL Eligibility Code under the control of the EBL Credentials Committee.

Entries received will be automatically forwarded to the NBO of each proposed player, and are subject to the approval of their NBO. For further details please see the Suppementary Conditions of Contest.

In addition to NBO approval and pursuant to the EBL By-laws and Conditions of Contest, the Credentials Committee may at any time, in its entire discretion and without providing reasons, decline to invite any participant that has been entered to the 9TH European Open Championships.

For Open, Women and Seniors Teams, players must register for one event only, and no player may be registered in two teams.

To register a pair or team, please click here.

 • Entry Fees

Entry Fees for the medal events are to be paid by bank transfer in Euro only7 days prior to the starting date of each event at the latest, to

Credit Suisse AG
Rue de Lion d'Or 5-7
CH-1002 Lausanne-Switzerland
IBAN: CH88 0483 5135 2558 8200 0

IMPORTANT: Team/Pair registration code must be mentioned as reference

Entry Fees for later registrations, if accepted, and for all side events are to be paid by cash in Euros  one day before the start of the event AT THE LATEST at the Tournament Reception & Registration Desk in the venue. Registration/Payment on the morning of the event will not be accepted.

Please note that we do not accept credit/debit cards, or partial payments.

Event Entry fees

Category Event and
Entry Fee
in EUR per
as of May 1
MixedTeams onlyNon-TBFTeam800
Turkish 600
Pairs onlyNon-TBFPair400
Turkish 310
Team + 2 PairsNon-TBFPackage1,450
Turkish 1,100
Team + 3 PairsNon-TBF1,800
Turkish 1,350
OpenTeams onlyNon-TBFTeam880
Turkish 660
Pairs onlyNon-TBFPair440
Turkish 330
Team + 2 PairsNon-TBFPackage1,630
Turkish 1,200
Team + 3 PairsNon-TBF 2,000
Turkish 1,500
Women/SeniorsTeams onlyNon-TBFTeam660
Turkish 550
Pairs onlyNon-TBFPair330
Turkish 280
Team + 2 PairsNon-TBFPackage1,250
Turkish 1,000
Team + 3 PairsNon-TBF1,550
Turkish 1,250
OpenOther TeamsAllTeam/Day140
Other PairsAllPair/Day70

• Juniors (U26) get an individual discount of 50%, pro-rated over 4 players in Team events (but over 6 players in 3-pair packages).

• Non-qualifiers in Medal Events can enter the "Other Event(s)" immediately following such qualification, free of charge.

• Mixed packages guarantee play all 7 days and O/W/S packages guarantee play all 8 days.

• EBL Masterpoints will be awarded in all events, i.e. also the "non-medal" events.

European Bridge League
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