Opatija 2010
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 • Format

The Championships will be played in three series - for Junior, Youngsters and Girls players. All three series are for national pairs only (i.e. both players must come from the same NBO); transnational pairs are not permitted.

In each of the three series, two qualifying rounds will be played. At the end of the qualifying rounds the leading 50% of the field will qualify to the semifinal A and the remaining 50% to the semifinal B. Both semifinals will consist of two sessions. At the end of the semifinals, the highest-ranked pairs from semifinal A (25 in the Juniors and 16 in each of the Youngsters & Girls) and the highest ranked pairs from the semifinal B (5 in the Juniors and 4 in each of the Youngsters & Girls) will qualify for the final A; the remaining pairs will play in the final B.

In all series, final A will be played using the barometer system and screens will be used.

 • Programme

Date Time Series
Juniors Youngsters Girls
Wednesday, July 14 2010 19.30 Opening Ceremony
Thursday, July 15 2010 10.00 Qualification
Friday, July 16 2010 10.00 Semifinals A & B
Saturday, July 17 2010 10.00 Finals A & B
20.00 Closing Ceremony & Prize Giving

 • Registration - Entries

• Right of Entry

The Championships are open to bridge players (registered members of European NBOs), in good standing with their Federation and born:


On or after 1 January 1985

On or after 1 January 1990

On or after 1 January 1985

Each member NBO, being up to date with the payment of its dues (including the 2010 dues) to the EBL is authorized to enter any number of pairs. NBOs must have paid the entry fee and be up to date with payment of their dues to the EBL before they can participate in the Championships. There is no restriction on the number of players entered from any NBO in any series.

In any case participants must be nominated by their NBO and participation of all players is subject to the approval of the EBL Credentials Committee.

• Entry Fees

The entry fees are €150 per pair. The entry fees must be paid by Bank Transfer until 31 May 2010 to:

2 Place de Hollande
CH-1211 Geneva 11 - Switzerland.

Account EUROPEAN BRIDGE LEAGUE no: 3097300
IBAN: CH 46 0868 6309 7300 04978

• Registration

EBL NBOs must register participating pairs by 31 May 2010, to:

  European Bridge League
Gianarrigo Rona - President
Via Ciro Menotti 11/C
I-20129 Milan

 • Dress Code

The EBL supports a dress code at its Championships. NBOs are required to provide their players with appropriate uniforms carrying a badge or emblem identifying the country represented. In addition, everyone entering the playing rooms is obliged to wear the official name badge provided by the organization. In case of loss, the or­gan­i­za­tion will provide a duplicate badge at a cost of €5.

All players, captains and coaches are required to wear T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts or blouses containing their Federationís logo. If sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts are used they too must carry the Federationís logo. All players are expected to be respectably dressed and are also required to follow the instructions given by the Tournament Directors.

Any person not respecting the dress code in the playing area will receive a warning on the first occasion; a subsequent breach will result in that person being prohibited from entering the playing area.
 • Further Information

For any further information, please contact:

EBL Secretariat
Marina Madia
 39-02-7384 450
    39-329-5609 996


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