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 • Participation

The Champions' Cup is a top-level competition reserved for the national champion teams of the 10 countries ranked best in the Open Series of the most recent European Team Championships. This year, the 49th European Team Championships were held in Pau, June 2008, and the top ten countries are listed below. Additional competitors are the defending champions, Tennis Club Parioli Angelini of Italy and The Netherlands, the host country.

The winner of the competition will be named 'European Club Champion'. They will earn the right to participate in the next edition of the tournament in 2009. EBL Master points will be awarded.

The top 10 countries of the Open Series of the 49th European Team Championships are (in alphabetical order):
The participating teams must send their team details (team name, players, etc.) to the EBL (see below) before 30 September 2008. Information to be supplied includes:
   name of the club to which the team belongs; if the team comprises players form different clubs, the team will be named after the captain followed by the name of the country.
   names of players, captains and other team officials.
   name and email address of the contact person, for further information.

 • Format

The teams will be divided into two groups of six, and a complete round-robin of 20-board matches will be played within each group.

Following the round-robin, the first two ranked teams will compete in knockout matches of 48 boards (4 sessions of 12 boards) in semifinal A, the third and fourth in semifinal B and the fifth and sixth in semifinal C.

The winners of semifinal A will play a final match of 48 boards (4 sessions of 12 boards) for the title; the losers will take part in a playoff match of 36 boards (3 sessions of 12 boards) to determine third place. The winners of the semifinals B and C will play knockout matches of 36 boards (3 sessions of 12 boards), respectively, for fifth and ninth places; there will be no further play for the losers of these semifinals.

 • Schedule

Date Time Event
Groups A and B
Thursday, 6 November 15.30
Captains' Meeting
Opening Ceremony
Round Robin 1
Round Robin 2
Friday, 7 November 10.30
Round Robin 3
Round Robin 4
Round Robin 5
Saturday, 8 November 10.30
Semifinal 1
Semifinal 2
Semifinal 3
Semifinal 4
Sunday, 9 November 10.00
Final 1 - Playoff 1
Final 2 - Playoff 2
Final 3 - Playoff 3
Final 4
Prize Giving & Victory Banquet

 • Prizes

Honour Prizes Cash Prizes

The EBL Champions' Cup will be awarded to the winning team, which will also be given the right to participate at the next Champions' Cup.

EBL gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the players of the top 3 teams.

1st Team - €5,000
2nd Team - €3,000
3rd Team - €2,000
4th Team - €1,500
5th Team - €1,000
9th Team - €600

 • Contact Information

For further information, please contact:


Marina Madia
EBL Secretariat
Via Ciro Menotti 11/C
I-20129 Milan

 39-02-7000 0022
  39-02-7000 1398

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