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No. : 8 • Saturday, 25 June 2005

a galaxy of stars

What better way to relax than by the pool?  
Table of Contents
A Galaxy of Stars 1

The Semifinals - Goldberg v. Herbst


The Final - Erichsen v. Goldberg

Sandbin for Sandqvist 4
Mixed Final Part II 5
The Mixed Pairs Final - Session 2 6

With play in the Open, Women’s and Senior teams starting in the evening and a deadline to meet you will have to wait until tomorrow before results and the best of the action appear in the Bulletin. Meanwhile you might like to consider if this is the greatest ever collection of World, European and National Champions to compete in the same tournament.
We are counting them and you might like to compare our figures with yours when we publish them tomorrow.
There were fears that a strike by Iberian airlines might cause major disruption to the Championships, but fortunately these proved to unfounded, although a few matches have been postponed.

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