Poland dominates
youth championship

The new European Junior Champions are Konrad Araskiewicz, Krzysztof Buras, Jacek Kalita, Krzysztof Kotorowicz, Piotr Madry, Wojciech Strzemecki and npc Marek Markowski.



scored a great victory when they won the Junior series of the 19th European Youth Team Championship, held in Prague, Czech Republic, 1-11 August 2004.

The Polish team started the race strong and finished stronger. Although it appeared to be threatened by some other strong contenders from time to time, they had a rather easy run and at the end simply confirmed what many people had anticipated: that they are the indisputable leaders in European Junior bridge today.

This was Poland's first victory in the Junior series since 1982. However, the protagonists of the competition were Hungary, a team that surprised observers with their unprecedented stable performance throughout the event.

HUNGARY finished third, behind ISRAEL who made yet another strong performance.

The first five teams from the Junior series qualified to represent Europe in the 2005 World Youth Team Championships. The other two qualifiers were NORWAY and FRANCE.


The new European Schools champions: Marcin Malesa, Piotr Nawrocki, Filip Niziol, Przemyslaw Piotrowski, Jan Sikora, Piotr Wiankowski and npc Leszek Nowak



POLAND have been the dominant team in this year's Schools Championship and they actually won with a match to spare.

Fresh from their victory last month in New York where they captured the first world Schools title, they led the European race with conviction and left no doubt as to the final result.

As in New York, the second place went to the other strong contender, ISRAEL, while the NETHERLANDS had the better run of the remaining field to finish third.

15 nations took part in the 2004 Schools competition.


First European Girls Champions: Adele and Anna Gogoman, Iris Grumm, Caroline Hupka and npc Christian Felderer



AUSTRIA become the first title holder of the European Girls Championship, which was organized for the first time in Prague.

11 countries took part in the inaugural competition.

The winners were followed by SWEDEN and POLAND - who combined their victories in the other series with a high position in this event too.



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