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No. : 4 • Sunday Evening, 12 October 2003

The Champions' Cup Stays In Italy!


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Sweden vs Italy- The Real Match 6

Today’s hot news will not be a great surprise: the 2nd European Cup has also been won by a team from Italy. Last year, the Cup went to Turin. Lorenzo LAURIA and Alfredo VERSACE, the two holders playing here, no doubt brought it with them to Rome and now have the honour and the pleasure of lifting it again, this time with Francesco ANGELINI, Antonio SEMENTA, Claudio NUNES and Fulvio FANTONI as their team-mates. Our warmest congratulations on this victory go to them!

Today’s final has been a very slow, but very steady affair. The first three segments all ended with an Italian advantage, be it always a small one. Yet, the three of them amounted to 40 IMP’s when the last session started – few teams in the world can recoup a deficit like that against this formidable side and our friends from Stockholm were no exception. In fact, their deficit quickly went up when they lost two early swings. Still well done, Per-Olov SUNDELIN, Pierre BERTHEAU, Fredrik NYSTROM and Johan SYLVAN!

Parallel to the final, De Lombard from Rotterdam and the Bridge Club Plovdiv were playing 36 of these boards for the bronze. The first two segments both ended in draws, but in the decisive 3rd segment the Dutch turned a 1-IMP deficit against their Bulgarian opponents into a 39-IMP win as the segment score read 48-8 to them. Well done De Lombard Rotterdam: Berry WESTRA, Bas DRIJVER, Maarten SCHOLLAARDT and Vincent RAMONDT.

If there were a special prize, it could very well go to the wonderful Italian hospitality we all enjoyed here at the Tennis Club Parioli. Their bridge players hoisted the Cup, but their staff certainly are strong candidates for this type of Players Award. Thank you!

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