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No. : 2 •Saturday, 11 October 2003

Herkules And Parioli Already Through

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Herkules And Parioli Already Through 1
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After a curtailed first day’s play, only two teams are sure of a semifinal berth. The hosts, the Tennis Club Parioli, showed wonderful hospitality in every respect except when there were V.P. at stake: they just gave away 1 V.P. to make themselves good hosts even at the bridge tables. Herkules Stockholm managed a total of 44 V.P., more than enough to qualify easily. Today, the two will meet for the honour (and the advantages) of winning their group.

In the other group, things are by no means clear as they are well behind schedule there. The Lombard team from Rotterdam arrived here only just in time (rumours are this was caused by some delay in Brussels) and the Plovdiv team did not show up at all, though they were spotted in Florence earlier in the day. Near the end of the afternoon’s session, the smoke cleared and it was decided to play the Lombard-Plovdiv match this morning. As both teams scored good wins in their only match of the day, much will depend on the outcome of it, also for the other two teams who did not boost their chances when they drew their head-to-head match.

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