European Bridge League

Administering the Mind Sport BRIDGE in Europe

The first European Youth Team Championships, conceived by then EBL Youth Committee Chairman André Boekhorst, were held 1968. Originally consisting only of a Juniors (up to 25 years) category, a Youngsters (up to 20 years) category was added in 1994 following a suggestion by then EBL Youth Committee Chairman Panos Gerontopoulos and a Girls (up to 25 years) category was added in 2004. Each EBL member country is entitled to enter one national team in each category. The winner of the Juniors receives the David Pigot Trophy and the winner of the Youngsters the José Damiani Trophy.

This biennial event was originally held every even-numbered year but, as of 2005, was changed to every odd-numbered year. It also serves as the qualifier for the World Youth Teams Championships in the respective category.

Click on the Event number below for the tournament website, the Venue for rankings and on the Winner for team members.

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