European Bridge League

Administering the Mind Sport BRIDGE in Europe

(Approved by the EBL Executive Committee – 30th March 2012) 
  • In order to comply with the WBF Eligibility Code that applies to WBF Zonal Championships (as European Bridge Teams Championships), the EBL has decided to apply the same rules as WBF for the EBL Eligibility Code.
    1. General Principles
      1. To be eligible for participation in the European Championships a player non-playing captain, coach, trainer and other team official must comply with the EBL Laws and Rules & Regulations. In addition the players and non-playing captains must comply with the conditions of eligibility set forth in this Code.
      2. The above-noted persons must respect the spirit of fair play and nonviolence, and behave accordingly. The players must respect and comply in all aspects with the World Anti-Doping Code.
      3. Compliance with the EBL Eligibility Code is mandatory for any qualifying event leading up to any of the EBL Championships and for any event for which EBL Master Points are awarded.
      4. Any player and Non Playing Captain must be a National or a Bona Fide Resident (as set forth in Section 3 below) of the country of the NBO that he will represent as player or non-playing captain.
      5. No player may represent another country in a EBL championship, any regional or national championship recognized by the EBL, as such by the awarding of EBL Master Points, until at Ieast two subsequent calendar years have passed since he/she has represented a different country in such events, without the specific permission of the EBL Credential Committee based on an extraordinary situation.
      6. AIl matters relating to the determination of the country which a competitor may represent in the above mentioned events shall be resolved by the EBL Credential Committee, in accordance with art. 8.9 of the EBL By-Laws.
      7. For avoidance of doubt, the participation and accreditation to any EBL Championship has to be intended by strict personal invitation.
    2. Dual or More Nationality
      1. A competitor who is a national of two or more countries at the same time may represent either one of them, as he/she may elect. However, after having represented one country in a European Championship in continental or regional or national championships recognized by the EBL, he/she may not represent another country unless he/she meets the conditions set forth in Section 2.2 below that apply to persons who have changed their nationality or acquired a new nationality.
      2. A competitor who has represented one country in European Championships, in Continental or Regional Games or Championships recognized by the EBL, and who has changed his nationality or acquired a new nationality, may participate in the European Championships, or in any event set forth in paragraph 1.3 above, to represent his new country provided that at least two subsequent calendar years have passed since the competitor last represented his former country. This period may be reduced or even cancelled, with the agreement of the two NBOs involved and by the EBL Credential Committee, which takes into account the circumstances of each case.
      3. If an associated State, Province or Overseas Department, a Country or Colony acquires independence, if a Country becomes incorporated within another Country by reason of a change of border, if a Country merges with another Country, or if a new NBO is recognized by the EBL, a player may continue to represent the Country to which he belongs or belonged. However, he/she may, if he/she prefers, elect to represent his Country or be entered in the European Championship by his new NBO if one exists. This particular choice may be made only once in any  10-year period. 
    3. Bona Fide Residents
      1. To be considered Bona Fide Resident, a non-citizen is required to submit appropriate documentation to prove that he/she is a bona fide resident. Failing to so establish that fact will result in a denial of an invitation by the EBL Credential Committee.
      2. The requirements to prove that a player is bona fide resident of the Country of the NBO approved by the EBL Executive Committee are an integral part of this Code
      3. The choice to represent a Country as a bona fide resident may be made only once in any 10- year period except as approved by the EBL Executive Committee and is subject to the limitations of Section 2.2 above.
      4. A player having represented one Country in a European Championship, or in any event above mentioned at point 1.3 to represent his new country provided that at least two subsequent calendar years have passed since the competitor last represented his former country.
    4. Age Restrictions
      1. There may be no age limit for players in the European Championship in the Open and Women categories.
      2. Players competing in Junior and Girls events must not have achieved their 25th birthday by 31st December of the year prior to the year in which the competition is to take place. In case of special events (e.g. for younger players or University events) the Supplementary Conditions of Contest shall detail the age requirements. Players competing in Youngster events must not have achieved their 20th birthday by 31st December of the year prior to the year in which the competition is to take place
      3. Players competing in Senior events shall be aged 60 years or older in the year of the competition. 
    5. Invitations and Entries
      1. The invitations to take part in the European Championships shall be sent out by the EBL.
      2. Only NBOs recognized by the EBL and in good standing may submit entries for competitors in the European Championships.
      3. Only NBOs in good standing with the compliance of the entry-fees (if any) can participate to the European Championships. 
    6. Youth & Transnational Championships The definition of Youth and Transnational Championships are stated in the General Conditions of Contest approved by the Executive Committee. Those players nominated for participation in Youth or Transnational Championships shall not be subject to the eligibility conditions set forth in paragraphs 2 and 3 above. 
    7. Violations The violations are subject to the EBL Disciplinary Code. In the event that one or more members of a team are deemed to have been ineligible as provided in this Code (including any qualifying event), the entire team shall be disqualified by the EBL Disciplinary Commission. 
    8. Effective Date The EBL Eligibility Code becomes effective on 1st April 2012. Rev. 1 dated 17.06.2012 : suppression of paragraph 4.4