European Bridge League

Administering the Mind Sport BRIDGE in Europe

1. Preliminaries 2. EBL Events
3. Titles 4. EMP Tables
5. European Master Points in WBF Events 6. Changes in Regulations



1.1 European Master Points

European Master Points (EMP) can be obtained from EBL events only. Only members of European NBOs with an European Nationality can obtain EMPs.

1.2 Season

The EMP season starts on January 1 of each year and follows the calendar year.

1.3 Categories

The categories where EMPs can be earned are:

1. EBL and WBF Championships in the following categories:
    • Open
• Women
• Senior
• Mixed
• Juniors (under 26)
• Girls (under 26)
• Youngsters (under 21)
2. Other European events stated by the EBL

1.4 EMP Ranking Lists

All players will be in a general ranking list, regardless of the category the points are won.

Besides, there are lists for Women and Youth players regardless of the category they earned their points and a list for Seniors, only consisting of points won in Senior events.

All EMPs will show the category in which they have been earned.


2.1 EMPs for results in European Championships are awarded automatically according to the scales of Tables 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The Champions Cup is awarded to the scale of Table 7.
2.2 In addition, EMPs may be awarded in other EBL events (e.g. festivals) according to the scales of Table 14.


3.1 European Grand Master

The title of European Grand Master is awarded to a player who has earned at least 1,000 EMPs, has won two European Teams Championships (not open), or are already WBF Grand Master.

3.2 European Master

The title of European Master is awarded to a player who has acquired at least 250 EMPs or is already either a WBF Life Master or a WBF International Master.

3.3 European Champion

The title of European Champion is awarded to a player who has won an EBL gold medal in pairs or teams of four. European Champion titles are named after the championships category (Open, Women, Junior, Senior, Mixed).

4 - EMP TABLES (Click here)

5 - EMPs IN WBF EVENTS (Click here)


The above EMPs may be amended and augmented without prior notice if circumstances so warrant so as to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the EBL Master point Plan. Cases not covered by the above plan, will be regulated by the EBL Master Point Committee as necessary.