European Bridge League

Administering the Mind Sport BRIDGE in Europe

Click here to download the WBF guide to completing a Convention Card

EBL Convention Cards may be prepared using any of the following programs, but the EBL strongly recommends the use of the Word or Excel templates, these being the easiest to complete and edit. Please ensure that they print correctly, with the card on a single, double-sided sheet (or two single sheets if you can't print double-sided) with cross-referenced supplementary sheets being used for additional information:

  • Microsoft Word - this can be used by players with Apple-Macs (in emulation mode). It is important that players are careful when completing the Word version of the Convention Card Editor. They should remember that the information on the card must:

(a) be in a reasonable sized font for easy reading;

(b) fit on the two sides of the card (use cross referenced supplementary sheets for additional explanation and clarification);

(c) print properly, making sure that the margins are in the print area.

Click here to download the blank Word Convention Card

  • Microsoft Excel - please read the instructions for Microsoft Word above

Click here to download the blank Excel Spreadsheet

  • the WBF Convention Card Editor (Windows Version) may still be used if you have it installed, but note that this program is NOT suitable for players using Apple Macs and it is important that you select the correct file for your operating system. Data from this program cannot be exported to Word or other programs, which means that it can only be edited and read on a computer that has the program installed.

Click here to download the zip file containing the.exe file for Windows XP

Click here to download the zip file containing the .exe file for Windows Vista / Windows 7.  Note that this program has not yet been tested on Windows 8

  • Alternatively players may use other programs such as Adobe InDesign or Publisher PROVIDING the official format is followed and the files can be printed correctly, with all the information being clear and legible (i.e. with a font of reasonable size) and fitting on the two sides allowed for the card, with additional supplementary sheets giving additional information.