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The European Champions’ Cup competition was originally tried under the support of PHILIP MORRIS in the eighties. The so-called at the time ‘Europa Cup’ addressed the winners of the national club championship in each EBL country. Every two years, the winners of neighbouring countries met at the qualifying stage held around Europe, with the top ones advancing to the European final. The competition was discontinued in 1988, and gave way to another championship that was established in 1990 as a biennial event: the European Mixed Championships.

One of the problems that led to the discontinuation of the 'Europa Cup' was that many countries do not hold national club championships. These countries were usually represented by their national teams, thus creating a diversity. When the idea of having a competition reserved to the top was revived in 2002, a different approach was tried. Invited to send teams to the competition were now selected according to their results at a previous European Championship (itself to be decided by the EBL).

The European Champions' Cup is held annually.


Year Event Venue Winners
2021 19 Pezinok, Slovakia BERGEN AKADEMISKE BK 
2019 18 Bucharest, Romania BCT ONSTEIN 1 
2018 17 Eilat, Israel BCt Onstein 1 
2017 16 Riga, Latvia BCT ONSTEIN 
2016 15 Zagreb, Croatia MONACO 
2015 14 Milton Keynes, England ITA-G.S. ALLEGRA 
2014 13 Milan, Italy G.S. ALLEGRA ITA 
2013 12 Opatija, Croatia G.S. ALLEGRA 
2012 11 Eilat, Israel G.S. ALLEGRA 
2011 10 Bad Honnef, Germany G.S. ALLEGRA 
2010 9 Izmir, Turkey ONSTEIN - NED 
2009 8 Paris, France ANGELINI - ITALY 
2008 7 Amsterdam, Netherlands PARIOLI - ITALY 
2007 6 Wroclaw, Poland PARIOLI - ITALY 
2006 5 Rome, Italy BBC - GERMANY 
2005 4 Brussels, Belgium PARIOLI - ITALY 
2004 3 Barcelona, Spain PARIOLI - ITALY 
2003 2 Rome, Italy PARIOLI - ITALY 
2002 1 Warsaw, Poland ITALY 

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