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The European Junior Pairs Championship was established in 1991 following an idea by EBL Youth Committee Chairman at the time Panos Gerontopoulos . The competition was designed to be a massive event, and addressed all levels of players except the very weak ones. It was played in four sessions, all with the barometer system (whereby running results were instantly available), over the weekend preceding the European Junior Camp, every other year (odd-numbered, until 2003; even-numbered, as from 2006).

In 1995, the European Junior Pairs Championship was extended to young players from other continents and thus it became a World event. It was planned that the European event remained incorporated in the World Junior Pairs Championship for as long as the latter is held in Europe.

In 2006, in Piestany, Slovakia, the championship was split in two series, one for Juniors and one for Schools, and the competition was renamed to its present name.

In 2008, in Wroclaw, Poland, the European Youth Pairs Championships were disassociated from the corresponding World competition and again restricted to European players only. At the same time, a new series was added, for female young players, the 'Girls'. The format of the tour­na­ment was also changed, hereafter allowing national pairs only. Depending on the number of participants, the various series were to be played throughout or in separate stages (qualifying, semifinal, final), with barometer scoring applying to the final stage.

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