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 • Format

The Championships comprise the following competitions:

  • 23rd European Junior Team Championship
  • 10th European Youngsters Team Championship
  • 5th European Girls Team Championship

All events are open to the member countries of the EBL. Each country may be represented by one national team in each series, consisting of 4-6 players, a non-playing captain and, possibly, other officials. The format is a simple round-robin of 20-board matches.

 • Programme

Date Time Juniors Youngsters Girls
Wednesday 13 July 10.00-17.00 Registration   Registration
17.30 Captains' Meeting Captains' Meeting
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Thursday 14 July 10.00 RR 1 RR1, 1st half
14.00 RR 2 RR1, 2nd half
17.20   RR2, 1st half
Friday 15 July 10.00 RR3 RR2, 2nd half
14.00 RR4 RR3, 1st half
17.30 RR5 RR3, 2nd half
Saturday 16 July 10.00 RR6 RR4, 1st half
13.30   RR4, 2nd half
14.30 Registration  
16.20   RR5, 1st half
17.30 Captains' Meeting  
19.00 Welcome Ceremony
Sunday 17 July 10.00 RR7 RR1 RR5, 2nd half
14.00 RR8 RR2 RR6, 1st half
17.30 RR9 RR3 RR6, 2nd half
Monday 19 July 10.00 RR10 RR4 RR7, 1st half
14.00 RR11 RR5 RR7, 2nd half
17.30 RR12 RR6 RR8, 1st half
Tuesday 19 July 10.00 RR13 RR7 RR8, 2nd half
13.30     RR9, 1st half
16.20 RR9, 2nd half
20.00 Prize Giving
Wednesday 20 July 10.00 RR14 RR8  
14.00 RR15 RR9
17.30 RR16 RR10
Thursday 21 July 10.00 RR17 RR11
14.00 RR18 RR12
17.30   RR13
Friday 22 July 10.00 RR19 RR14
14.00 RR20 RR15
17.30   RR16
Saturday 23 July 10.00 RR21 RR17
evening Closing Ceremony and Prize Giving

 • Entries
Right of Entry

Each member NBO, not in arrears with its payments to the EBL (including 2011 dues) is authorized to enter one team in the Junior series, one team in the Youngsters series and one team in the Girls series of the Championships.

By entering, each NBO accepts to play against all other NBOs. Entry and subsequent refusal to play will result in disqualification.

Every proposed player must, along with other criteria, satisfy the EBL Credentials Committee that:

  a.   he/she was born on or after 1 January 1986 (Junior or Girls series) or 1 January 1991 (Youngsters series); and either
  b1.   he/she is nominated by the NBO of the country of his birth or the NBO of which such nominated player first became a member, and has not, during the current or immediately preceding calendar year, represented a different NBO in any WBF competition or any zonal or intra-zonal competition; or
  b2.   he/she is nominated by the NBO of the country of his citizenship or bona fide residence and has not, during the current or immediately preceding two calendar years, represented a different NBO in any WBF competition or any zonal or intra-zonal competition.
Entry Fees

NBOs who did not participate in the European Youth Team Championships held in Riccione 2005, Jesolo 2007 or Brasov 2009 are entitled to pay reduced entry fees, as below.

Events Entry Fees Reduced Entry Fees*
Junior Teams €1,000 €750
Youngsters Teams €800 €500
Girls Teams €800 €500

All entry fees must be paid by bank transfer (see below) before 15 May 2011.


All entries must be made electonically via this website (not by email), before 30 April 2011 (team registration) and 15 May 2011 (team roster).

Online registration has now been terminated.

 • Rules & Regulations
Rules & Regulations
  To obtain the Rules & Regulations pertaining to the Championships, click here (pdf format). Please note that the Rules & Regulations have been revised and the version provided here is the latest one.
Dress Code
  The EBL has a policy which seeks to encourage NBOs to provide teams participating in the European Championships to be dressed in appropriate uniforms which incorporate a badge or emblem identifying the country those players are representing. All players, captains and coaches of the participating teams are required to wear T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts or blouses that are of the same colour and contain the NBO's logo.

 • Schedule of Play
  Click here to get the draw for numbers in the Schedule of Play (pdf format).
  Click below to get the Schedule of Play in each series (pdf format).
  Junior series
  Youngsters series
  Girls series

 • Contact

For further information, please contact Marina Madia at the EBL Secretariat:   Entry Fee payments by bank transfer should be sent to the EBL account, as follows:
  European Bridge League
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I-20121  Milan
39-02-3670 4987
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39-329-560 9996
2 Place de Hollande
CH-1211 Geneva 11

Account European Bridge League
Ac. no.: 30 97 300
IBAN: CH46 0868 6309 7300 04978

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