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No. : 3 • Sunday, 16 October 2005


The Parioli v. Schaltz match during the qualification phase.

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Denmark to face the holders today 1
The final round 2
The semifinals: Parioli v. Allegra and Schaltz v. Besiktas 3
The semifinals: second quarter 4
The Semifinals: third quarter 5

After an exciting day’s play, the final classification of this European Champions Cup is gradually becoming clear. After the first segment, Näsby led Allfrey by 69 but 24 boards later, their lead was just 10. In the end, they won by 67. In all other matches, the halftime imp differences did not exceed 29 and often were just single-figured. The third segment proved decisive in the Schaltz-Besiktas match, the Danish advantage rising to 44, but being only 24 down, Allegra were still in with a chance. In the other matches too, the imp differences with 12 to go were somewhere in the twenties. In the end, it turned out that all leaders had held on, some of them a little narrowly. So it’s Parioli-Schaltz for the gold and Allegra-Besiktas for the bronze today.

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