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No. : 2 • Friday, 14 October 2005



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A Tense Event Developing 1
Round 1: Parioli v. Russia 2

Though Allegra are leading Group B and Denmark are top of Group A, neither team is anywhere near a certain qualifier. The two leaders scored 40 and 39 V.P., but both are followed by a number of teams chasing them from about average. Parioli registered a shock 8-22 defeat v. Gromov in their first match only to beat poor England 25-0 in the second to finish the day above average. Gromov lost narrowly to the French to see both these teams score over average too for the day. become Governor of New South Wales. She welcomed us all to Sydney and spoke of all the teams as being part of one big family. Professor Bashir also told of her own love for the game of bridge and how she used to play as a student, plus the fact that her Aunt was still an active player at the age of 94 years – truly, bridge is a game for our whole lives.

In Group B the hosts did well, beating their Low Countries eternal rivals 18-12 and drawing with the Swedes to score 33 and stay in 2nd place, 4 V.P. ahead of Modalfa and Besiktas who both ended up 1 V.P. below average – a clear sign of how tense this competition is. The Swedes are finding themselves back 2 V.P. further down and even the Dortmund team are still in with a chance if they improve dramaticaaly today on yesterday’s show.

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