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No. : 1 • Thursday, 13 October 2005


Dear players, officers, journalist and guests,

Thank you for coming and welcome to Brussels for the 4th edition of the European Champions’ Cup. This championship is one of the European Bridge League’s most important events and offers the occasion to show the greatest European bridge champions playing in a very strong competition, everywhere in the world, thanks to the new technological
systems. Thanks to its format and to the high level of the participating teams the Champions’ Cup is really a fantastic
instrument, able to attract the attention of the media, sponsors and thousand of spectators.

I am sure that Brussels, this extraordinary town, which celebrates this year the 175th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Belgium and the 25th Anniversary of the Federalism, will have the same success achieved in the previous editions in Warsaw, in Rome and in Barcelona. I am pleased to thank the Belgian Bridge Federation and its President Fred Van Meerbeeck, the City of Brussels and its Mayor, Freddy Thielemans, who will host us for a reception in the prestigious
City Hall, the Organising Committee, led by Michel Berryer, and our sponsor-friends who allowed us to organize, manage
and run this event. A special thank goes to the management of the Hotel Metropole who helped us very friendly in hosting the championship.

As you know, this year the event is more significant since we had the opportunity, thanks to Mr. Jan Figel, European Commissioner for Education and Sport and Mr. Philippe Busquin, Member of the European Parliament and past
Commissioner, in the first three days of the week, to present Bridge at the European Parliament (with a great
success thanks to the efforts of my dear friends and colleagues Marijke Blanken-Burgers and Marc De Pauw),
showing what really Bridge means, what its values are and why the International Olympic Committee recognized
it as a true sport.

I hope that all of you will enjoy the championship and your stay in Brussels. I am sure that once again, all together, we
will witness that the real values of bridge, also in this dramatic historical period, continue to go beyond any barrier
and discrimination, proudly waving the flag with our motto:

Bridge for peace.

Un abbraccio.
Gianarrigo Rona

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