European Bridge League

Administering the Mind Sport BRIDGE in Europe

This section contains information about all bridge competitions and other events arranged by, or involving, the European Bridge League.

It will have detailed information about specific events as well as details of past Championships.

Formal medal championships are listed under "European Championships", irrespective of at which event they are played. As an example Women Pairs Championships are listed thereunder, even though they are now held in conjunction with the event called "European Open Championships".

A chronological list of all past events in our database, irrespective of category or stature, can be found under "RESOURCES" > "Archives".

This section also contains information specifically pertaining to each player category, i.e. Seniors, Youth etc.

There are multiple ways of finding the results of a particular championship. As an example, the 2011 Junior Teams Championship results can be found either (1) via "European Championships" > "Youth Teams", (2) "Categories" > "Youth" or (3) via the website of the event e.g. at "RESOURCES" > "Archives"