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 • Sweden

Sweden is located in the northern part of Europe and has an area of about 450,000 Although it is the largest country in the Scandinavian peninsula, it is inhabited by about nine million people only. The southern part of the country, where Malmo lies, is by far the most populated region in Sweden. Stockholm is the capital of the country.

The Swedish economy has traditionally been dominated by the natural resources, particularly forestry and mining - and, to some extent, this is still the case. However, today the Swedish economy is based mainly on a few large multinational companies (Volvo, SAAB, ABB, Electrolux, Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Astra Zeneca, etc.), and a multitude of smaller enterprises. Sweden is a member of the European Union, but has not as yet adopted the Euro; the Swedish Krona (SEK) is still the currency used.

English is the preferred second language in Sweden, and practically everyone has a working knowledge of English.

In Sweden, the weather in the summer is unpredictable; in June, it is expected to be fair with temperatures rising to about 25 degrees in daytime, with cool evenings and not much rain. Of course, Sweden is also the land of the midnight sun. In June, daylight in Malmo is longer than on a summer day in most countries!

 • Malmo

Malmo came into being at the end of the 13th century. It grew fast and became a vital commercial centre ruled alternately by Sweden, Denmark and the Hanseatic League. In 1437, Erik of Pomerania granted the City of Malmo its own coat of arms, and this is still the official symbol of the city.

In the 16th century, Malmo was not only an important and prosperous city, but also part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The 1658, the Roskilde Peace Treaty saw the end of Malmo's period as a part of Denmark, when Denmark ceded the county of Skane to Sweden.

Today, Malmo is Sweden's third-largest city, with almost 260,000 inhabitants, and the commercial centre of southern Sweden. Older industries have been replaced by investments in new technology and training programmes of high calibre. Malmo University, which opened in 1998, is Sweden's latest venture in the field of higher education, accommodating some 15,000 students.

The old city of Malmo is surrounded by a system of canals criss-crossed by bridges. The city centre offers a continental mix of old and new. Shops, restaurants, Hotels and places of entertainment all have their part to play in the historic environment.

Kungsparken, Slottsparken and Pildammsparken are among some of the most beautiful parks in the country. Within walking distance of the city centre is Ribersborg beach, 2 km long and without equal in northern Europe.

 • Venue - Malmo Massan

The venue is a new hi-tech convention centre in Malmo. The convention centre covers all the facilities - you can get anything from a coffee or snack to a more substantial lunch or dinner.

There is a lobby of 2,000 square metres, a playing space of 12,000 square metres, a Vugraph for 1,500 people and a parking facility for 5,000 cars right outside the venue.

To see the venue click here


MalmöMässan AB
SE-202 80 Malmö


 • Travel to/from Malmo

Malmo is easy to reach from the rest of Europe, regardless of whether you choose to go by plane, train, ferry or car. The excellent infrastructure in the Öresund region makes travelling between Sweden, Denmark and the Continent fast and smooth.

By plane
Malmö is situated between two international airports, Copenhagen/Kastrup Airport in Denmark and Sturup Airport 30 km south-east of Malmö. The airport shuttle takes you from the centre of Malmö to Sturup Airport in 40 minutes.

Copenhagen/Kastrup Airport is connected to Malmö by the Öresund Bridge. Trains run around the clock from Malmö Central Station to the airport, and the journey from Malmö takes 20 minutes.

By train
Malmö has daily train connections with Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin and Hamburg. You can travel from Malmö to Stockholm in 4 hours on the high-speed X 2000 train.

Öresund trains depart Malmö for Copenhagen across the Oresund Bridge every 20 minutes during the day and once an hour during the night. The journey time from Malmo Central Station to Copenhagen Central Station is 35 minutes. The train also stops at Copenhagen Airport. The train journey from Malmö Central Station to Copenhagen Airport takes only 20 minutes.

By car
July 2000 saw the opening of the Oresund Bridge, the 16 km long road link between Copenhagen and Malmö. Thanks to an extensive network of roads in the Öresund region, you can reach other parts of Sweden with ease.

By ferry
TT-line operates on the Travemünde-Trelleborg and Rostock-Trelleborg routes. Scandlines operates on the Rostock-Trelleborg and Sassnitz-Trelleborg routes. Trelleborg is situated 30 km south of Malmö, a 30-minute drive away.

 • Hotels & Reservations

High class (€140 plus)
Standard class (€110-140)
Budget class (up to 110)
  • Scandic Hotel Kramer
  • Scandic St. Jörgen
  • Hotel Mäster Johan
  • Hilton Malmö City
  • Radisson SAS
  • First Hotel Garden
  • Rica Hotel
  • Hotel Noble House
  • Quality Hotel
  • Comfort Hotel
  • Temperance Hotel
  • Mayfair Hotel
  • Elite Savoy
  • Scandic Hotel Segevång
  • Scandic Star Hotel Lund
  • Hotel Astoria
  • Hotel Jägersro
  • Hotel Plaza
  • IBIS Malmö City
  • IBIS Lund
  • Hotel Royal
  • Baltzar Hotel
  • TeaterHotelet
  • Elite Residens
  • First Hotel Jörgen Koch
Rates refers to double rooms with breakfast unless specified otherwise

Participants are advised to reserve their rooms through the Swedish Bridge Federation (SBF). SBF have negotiated preferential rates with all hotels.

For further information about a specific hotel contact SBF:

Reserve early to avoid disappointment.

Hotel accommodation bookings is a matter of urgency as other groups are also looking for room in Malmo.

Cheaper accommodation is available. Click on prefered type for details:

Cottage (aprox €1000/week) 4 or 6 beds.

Low Class Hotels


Caravans and Tents

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