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No. : 9 • Monday, 23 June 2003

Survivors Start the Search for Gold

Players recognize this welcome to the Palais de l'Europe
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The battle to become the first to win a European Open Team Championship is really joined today, as the competitions enter the knock out phase.

This is the point where we expect to see the forecasters make an appearance. We can confidently state that a European team will win both the Women’s and Senior Championship, but in the Open event it would be foolhardy to make a prediction with so many fine teams involved from around the world.

It was late at night before the scoring team could work out the lucky one (Khiuppenen) heading the five other teams with same VP score for the 27th and last qualifying place in Swiss A.

Open Teams

Today we start the K.O. with the round of 32 teams. At the same time we play two Swiss events; one with those who didn’t make the K.O. in Swiss A (27 teams) and the 27 highest teams in Swiss B (excluding the first five). The teams from Swiss b keep their VP’s and the teams entering from Swiss A will receive VP’s as follows:

The team ranked 28 get the average of teams 6 & 7 from Swiss B. The team ranked 29 get the average of teams 8 & 9 and so on. When teams drop out the number of teams will decrease likewise. The other teams play the Swiss Consolation B and wil all start with 0 VP’s, giving every team a fair chance to win this event. Teams losing in the round of 32 may enter the Consolation Swiss A for the last three rounds, starting at 15.00 hours. Their position depends on the result in the Swiss A (B) and the highest will get the average of the teams ranked 1 & 2, and so on.

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